Illustration of doctor diagnosing patient
Illustration of doctor diagnosing patient. Freepik

SimplyVital Health (SVH), a company focused on providing secure and easy access to healthcare data, announced the launch of their new tool, Aletheia, which is now available on the Microsoft Azure Store.

The tool is basically an event-logging API, allowing users to store data on public immutable blockchains such as Ethereum and SVH’s own Nexus blockchain, the latter of which is based on a fork of the Ethereum network, focused on being a healthcare-safe blockchain.

The transparent and secure sharing of healthcare data is vital for the reliable operations of health institutions, as doctors heavily depend on that information to correctly treat patients.


Using Aletheia, developers can implement blockchain data storing within their processes by using the API provided by the tool. Aletheia takes advantage of smart contracts to store cryptographic hashes and metadata, providing an immutable history of application events.

“Aletheia is versatile. We’re using it in our own platform to help providers with MIPS requirements,” said Lucas Hendren, CTO of SVH. “The immutability aids with security and compliance in healthcare.”