How to interact with smart contract via MEW

Quite often, once a smart contract is deployed, you will need to change some of its parameters. For example, you might want to modify the pre-sale start and end dates of a fundraiser contract, or increase/decrease the conversion rate of the same.

The easiest way you can interact with a smart contract is via MyEtherWallet’s Interact with Contract interface:

The form has just two fields:

  • Contract Address, which is self-explanatory.
  • ABI/JSON Interface – a skeletal representation of the smart contract i.e. the functions that you can call and all public parameters.

Once you provide those two just click the Continue button and you will be connected and ready to interact with the contract:

Using the Select an Item dropdown, you can select functions and parameters and interact with the smart contract. Once you select a function, a form will load with the appropriate parameter fields:

Clicking the Write button will generate the transaction that will call the contract function. Once signed and mined, the function is executed and the smart contract’s state is changed.