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According to the company’s press release, users will now be able to connect their Binance wallet to DappRadar and access a comprehensive overview of their holdings. The platform will keep adding new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) DeFi applications to its platform as the BSC ecosystem grows. Skirmatas Januškas, the CEO of DappRadar, said Binance Smart Chain has been giving more established protocols “a run for their money,” given the fact that the network generated $700 billion in transaction volume in February alone.

The company also expanded its existing Non-Fungible Token (NFT) improvement proposition to include collections and real-time sales across multiple products. The original proposition was to provide only NFT marketplace rankings but was expanded to fit the growing needs of the NFT ecosystem. The rankings will include major projects such as the NBA TopShots, CryptoPunks, and Avastars.

What makes DappRadar’s NFT offering the strongest on the market is its ability to enable users to access detailed information on buyer and seller wallets, CDO and co-founder Dragos Dunica said.

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