Innovative Technology to Transform Humanitarian Donations

  • The GIGA initiative aims to provide access to the internet to every school where UNICEF operates.
  • This is among the first programs to be funded through cryptocurrency, making it a lot more accessible, secure, and fast.

Brave Releases 1.0 Version of Their Innovative Browser

  • The need for private internet experience and the growing problem of data privacy has inspired the creation of the browser.
  • Brave’s browser loads much faster than its main competitors, uses less memory and data.

Walmart Interested in Blockchain-Based Drone Communication System

  • Walmart has once again shown its interest in blockchain technology.
  • The retail giant has also been involved in cryptocurrency, as shown by another patent application for a U.S. dollar-backed digital currency.

Web 3.0 and not Bitcoin will Bring a Revolution, According to Mike Novogratz

  • Michael Novogratz is a former Wall Street executive, a notable bitcoin bull and his opinion is always interesting to the public.
  • His logic shows that since BTC represents a somewhat “digital gold”, it is “not going to change the world”. He continued that he sees the introduction of Web 3.0 as an innovation that could actually change the world.

IMF and World Bank Launch Educational Token to Explore Blockchain Technology

  • According to the report, the so called "Learning Coin" is not a cryptocurrency as it has no monetary value, and will be made available only to the IMF and the World Bank.
  • In addition, an app was launched as a part of the project, which will serve as a hub where users can share and store blogs, research, videos and presentations.

Startup Pledgecamp Aims to Reduce the Number of Failed Blockchain Projects

  • The startup has decided to tackle this issue by tapping into the power of blockchain, which can essentially remove centralization and bring the power back to the investor.
  • The startup's White Paper further explains that, “instead of requiring teams of lawyers, creating smart contracts is essentially free, judgment is automated, and enforcement is guaranteed.”

HSBC: Blockchain Helped Slash 25% of Forex Trading Costs

  • The costs of settling foreign exchange trades have been severely cut by HSBC's blockchain-based system, says executive at the bank.
  • Last month, HSBC announced that they had settle more than $250 billion in transactions via the new HSBC FX Everywhere platform.

New MIT Scaling Technology Could Allow Bitcoin Nodes to Run on a Phone

  • According to Tadge Dryja, a researcher at the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, it could be possible for Bitcoin to be synchronized with just a smartphone using Utrexxo.
  • The goal of this scaling solution is to minimize the storage that the Bitcoin network requires for operating.

Anchor Labs Launches Innovative Custodial Service

  • A16z-backed crypto startup Anchor Labs has launched a custodial service for institutions.
  • Anchorage, the name of the digital asset custodian, says it can deliver "all the benefits of asset accessibility".