IOV Labs Introduces Light Client For The Lumino Network

  • The new Lumino Light Client surpasses the Bitcoin network with its 100 TPS.
  • The firm expects that 99% of users will access the Lumino network through the new mobile light client.

SIMBA Chain’s User-Friendly Platform Assists Portland State University Students

  • Simba Chain's SCaaS platform does not require any extensive programming skills.
  • As one of the first blockchain-related university programs, the Business Blockchain Certificate program allows its students to create and deploy Web 3.0 dapps.

GrainChain to Grow on a Global Scale, Shifts to Symbiont Assembly

  • It is expected that Symbiont's Assembly will provide the much needed scalability and privacy features demanded by the modern market.
  • Recently GrainChain closed a $8.2m funding round led by Medici Ventures.

Huobi Chain Officially Available For Beta Testing

  • Huobi Chain is a high-performance DeFi chain for regulator-friendly financial entities.
  • The new chain supports high-volume transactions, user-deployed smart contracts and a big variety of cross-chain asset management services.

Nornickel’s Metal Tokenization Platform Enters Testing Phase

  • Called Atomyze, the new blockchain-based platform will help Nornickel tokenize 10% of its overall sales volume.
  • Based on IBM's Hyperledger Fabric, the platform will help make the metals sales process easier and more flexible.

QANplatform Integrates Chainlink Oracles To Interact With Off-Chain Data

  • This integration solves a serious issue, known as the “oracle problem”, because there is a lack of blockchain platforms that can interact with external data.
  • Another valuable addition that comes with the integration is the inclusion of decentralized security.

Alibaba Subsidiaries Provide Blockchain-Powered Solutions to Ease Coronavirus Panic

  • Business and local governments are working together to reduce the coronavirus epidemic with Alibaba playing the main role.
  • Many employees are encouraged to work from home as there is a risk that the epidemic may spread again after March 17.

Baidu Launches Economical Blockchain Hosting Solution

  • The hosting's pricing model is based on the computing resources and storage used.
  • XuperChain, the blockchain protocol behind the hosting solution, has proven to be stable even at heavy work load, with 353 transactions per second registered until now.

EY Announce New ZKP Blockchain Technology for Ethereum

  • The new technology will vastly reduce costs as it will allow up to 20 transfers in a single transaction.
  • According to Paul Brody this iteration of the technology is a serious milestone in the migration from public to private blockchains.

Infosys to Power Government, Supply Chain, Insurance with Blockchain

  • The three new tools that will power these domains are all distributed blockchain applications.
  • All of them aim to provide a seamless environment for creating inter-organizational operability within existing enterprise system.