ConsenSys Launches New Job Kit to Help Developers Enter the Blockchain Market

  • ConsenSys DApp Developer Job Kit was released on 24 May to help developers enter the growing blockchain market.
  • Linkedin's 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report shows a 33 times increase in blockchain job listings.

LockTrip Launch Testnet Utilising Proof of Stake

  • Once called crypto scammers for their questionable marketing strategies, the team has been changing the public perception about its capabilities.
  • Following a successful rebrand and a move away from sketchy antics, the technical people behind the project have been showing significant progress.

Streamr Introduces Monoplasma, Their Ethereum Scaling Technology

  • Monoplasma is a uniquely built layer 2 scaling framework, which was inspired by the Ethereum scaling solution Plasma.
  • The power of Monoplasma was demonstrated on stage at the ETHDenver buidlthon on Feb. 15.

New Startup, World Open Network, Aims to Create a Welcoming Blockchain Ecosystem

  • Additionally, the project will also strongly focus on security and scam-proof actions on their platform as crypto is riddled with malicious activity.
  • The main mission of the project is to break the "vicious cycle" that the blockchain industry currently finds itself in, and encourage "diversity, innovation and sustainable growth".

New MIT Scaling Technology Could Allow Bitcoin Nodes to Run on a Phone

  • According to Tadge Dryja, a researcher at the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, it could be possible for Bitcoin to be synchronized with just a smartphone using Utrexxo.
  • The goal of this scaling solution is to minimize the storage that the Bitcoin network requires for operating.

New Merchant & Developer Tools Available for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

  • Blockchain-based firm Bitfury has released a set of tools aimed at improving the adoption rates of Bitcoin's lightning network.
  • The company also released developer tools and a public node called "The Preach", which lets Bitcoin users create payment channels.

BancorX Gets Launched, Bridging Ethereum and EOS

  • LiquidEOS, alongside Bancor, have managed to launch a cross-chain liquidity network, allowing users to instantly exchange Ethereum, EOS, as well as tokens from both blockchains for one another.
  • The innovation is expected to increase liquidity for both the EOS and Ethereum markets while providing an opportunity to efficiently trade low-liquidity assets.