R3 Partners With IBM To Scale Its Services Across Hybrid Cloud

  • IBM will establish an R3 center of excellence to focus on developing interoperability solutions for blockchain networks.
  • The company expressed their desire to further collaborate with other blockchain operators in order to advance their ecosystem.

MetaMask Launches Token Swaps, Reaches Landmark 1 Million Monthly Active Users

  • MetaMask Swaps was designed to improve user experience as well as provide the "best prices across DeFi" for token swaps.
  • In addition to the new feature, the popular Ethereum wallet also revealed it has reached an anticipated milestone of 1 million monthly active users.

Bank Of Thailand Partners With IBM To Launch Blockchain-Based Government Savings Bond Platform

  • The new platform provides a real-time system with faster validation steps that reduce overall processing time.
  • After the launch of the platform, Bank of Thailand announced further plans to implement blockchain to all other government bonds.

Mastercard Launches CBDC Testing Platform

  • The platform is designed to mimic the issuance, distribution and exchange of CBDCs between banks, financial services companies and consumers.
  • A recent survey has shown that, while 80% of national banks are entertaining the idea of CBDC, 40% have already moved to actual concept and experimentation.

MetaMask Launches On Android, iOS

  • The Open Beta is now available for both iPhone and Android testflight users.
  • The app will enable its clients to freely browse web3 and seamlessly interact with other blockchain-based applications from all around the world.

LINE Launches Blockchain Development Platform, Digital Wallet

  • LINE's Blockchain Developers and BITMAX tools will ease the development of blockchain services, and the management of digital assets.
  • While the development platform has been released in both English and Japanese, the digital assets wallet is available only in Japan.

Huawei Helps Beijing With Blockchain-Based Governance Platform

  • The platform will help Beijing connect its 50 municipal departments, and enable cross-departmental sharing and management of data.
  • It is claimed the platform could be used to monitor COVID-19 cases, in real estate management, road parking services, and for utilities provision.

Algorand Launches Comprehensive Smart Contract Capabilities

  • Developers now have the opportunity to scale their dapps to potentially billions of users.
  • Algorand will put even more efforts towards developing its platform, in order to power more next-generation dapps.

Peter Thiel-Backed Blockchain Infrastructure Provider Alchemy Goes Public

  • After facilitating around $7.5 billion worth of on-chain transactions last year, the company decided to open its doors to the community.
  • In the newly-released public version, developers can enjoy some of the services for free.

ConsenSys Launches New Job Kit to Help Developers Enter the Blockchain Market

  • ConsenSys DApp Developer Job Kit was released on 24 May to help developers enter the growing blockchain market.
  • Linkedin's 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report shows a 33 times increase in blockchain job listings.