Hyperchain’s Creator to Put China’s Power Grid on the Blockchain

  • Qulian Technology will partner up with China's State Grid Corporation to develop IoT-enabled blockchain.
  • The company secured a $234 million Series B funding round back in June, 2018.

Telegram’s TON Blockchain on Track for Late October Launch

  • Investors in the ICO need to provide Telegram with their public keys so they can receive their Gram (GRM) tokens.
  • The TON blockchain is geared to support Ethereum DApps out-of-the-box.

Hedera Hashgraph’s Mainnet Open Beta Now Live

  • Investors who participated in the crowdsale, through which the company gathered $124 million, are set to receive more than 379 million HBAR tokens.
  • 14 cryptocurrency exchanges and over-the-counter desks have already stated their intent to list the HBAR token around the launch of the platform's mainnet.

Hedera Hashgraph to Launch Public Mainnet on September 16th

  • Hedera’s ledger technology will help enhance distributed file storage and micropayments.
  • The distribution of HBAR tokens will continue over the next 15 years.

Aeternity Revealed its Upcoming Network Update

  • The upcoming Lima release will include aethernity’s customized virtual machine – the Fast aeternity Transaction Engine (FATE).
  • It will also mark the kickoff of all auctions for renting names in the aethernity Naming System (AENS).

NEO Releases a New Monthly Report, NEO 3.0 is Progressing Well

  • The progress update details the development work done on Neo 3.0.
  • The new NEO network will provide better scalability, lower fees, integrated oracles and user identity.

ARK Deployer Makes Launching a Blockchain Easy and Quick

  • Ark Deployer makes building custom blockchains simple, quick and inexpensive.
  • This release is a massive step forward from ARK's previous terminal-based offerings, targeted at users who are more tech-savvy.

ConsenSys Launches New Job Kit to Help Developers Enter the Blockchain Market

  • ConsenSys DApp Developer Job Kit was released on 24 May to help developers enter the growing blockchain market.
  • Linkedin's 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report shows a 33 times increase in blockchain job listings.

LockTrip Launch Testnet Utilising Proof of Stake

  • Once called crypto scammers for their questionable marketing strategies, the team has been changing the public perception about its capabilities.
  • Following a successful rebrand and a move away from sketchy antics, the technical people behind the project have been showing significant progress.

Streamr Introduces Monoplasma, Their Ethereum Scaling Technology

  • Monoplasma is a uniquely built layer 2 scaling framework, which was inspired by the Ethereum scaling solution Plasma.
  • The power of Monoplasma was demonstrated on stage at the ETHDenver buidlthon on Feb. 15.