Baidu Launches Economical Blockchain Hosting Solution

  • The hosting's pricing model is based on the computing resources and storage used.
  • XuperChain, the blockchain protocol behind the hosting solution, has proven to be stable even at heavy work load, with 353 transactions per second registered until now.

EY Announce New ZKP Blockchain Technology for Ethereum

  • The new technology will vastly reduce costs as it will allow up to 20 transfers in a single transaction.
  • According to Paul Brody this iteration of the technology is a serious milestone in the migration from public to private blockchains.

Infosys to Power Government, Supply Chain, Insurance with Blockchain

  • The three new tools that will power these domains are all distributed blockchain applications.
  • All of them aim to provide a seamless environment for creating inter-organizational operability within existing enterprise system.

Alchemy Setting Up The Stage For Mainstream Blockchain Adoption

  • The company raised $15 million in a Series A funding led by prominent institutional and angel investors.
  • The platform is already serving more than a million users weekly in 200 countries around the world.

Tata’s IT Arm Launches New Blockchain App Development Kit

  • The new Quartz DevKit can purportedly make building blockchain apps 40% faster.
  • It comes with pre-built templates and a built-in tool to scrutinize developers' smart contracts, which keeps the code in "best in class" standards.

Blockchain in Space: International Space Station to Test Hardware Wallet

  • A mutual collaboration between SpaceChain and Nanoracks makes the operation possible.
  • The hardware wallet will be tested on board the station by receipting, authorizing, and retransmissioning multisig blockchain transactions.

ILCoin Announce 5GB Blocks, Launch of RIFT Protocol

  • The new RIFT protocol also supports a little over 23 million transactions per block, considering 3-minute block generation time.
  • The protocol rethinks the networking structure and introduces a second level of 'mini-blocks'.

EMU Advancing the “Blockchain + 5G” Concept

  • As blockchain and 5G technologies evolve, an intertwine between the two seems more and more inevitable.
  • EMU is a 5G blockchain-based development platform advocating the "blockchain+5G" concept, looking to complement the weaknesses of one with the strengths of the other.

Thailand Working on Blockchain-Based Refund System for Oil Exports

  • The new blockchain-based tax refund system will allow for more thorough inspections and will still speed up the whole process.
  • The system will be delivered by Krungthai Bank and should prevent any future leakages of taxes and stop oil smuggling activities.

Hyperchain’s Creator to Put China’s Power Grid on the Blockchain

  • Qulian Technology will partner up with China's State Grid Corporation to develop IoT-enabled blockchain.
  • The company secured a $234 million Series B funding round back in June, 2018.