Bittrex Global Lists 7 Top DeFi Tokens, Offers 0% Trading Fees

  • Bittrex claimed that removing gas fees for DeFi trading will encourage more clients to enter their regulatory system and comply with the required standards.
  • The company has plans to add 12 more tokens to this list until the end of 2020 .

Liquid Suffers Security Breach, User Data Possibly Exposed

  • The exchange has said that its customers' funds remain safe, and that the attacker was not able to access its MPC-based and cold storage crypto wallets.
  • Liquid customers were warned to be on the lookout for phishing attempts, as the intruder had access to data such as users' emails, names and addresses.

KuCoin Launches NFT Asset Exchange Platform Through Pool-X

  • KuCoin will become the first major cryptocurrency exchange to support public trading of non-fungible tokens.
  • Users will be able to deposit NFTs starting November 16, and withdraw starting November 20.

Binance Pool Launches Support For Ethereum Mining, Offers 0% Fees For The First Month

  • The platform will allow clients to mine at a competitive fee rate of 0,5% and use its mining nodes from all around the world.
  • In order to join the Binance Ethereum mining pool, participants should register on the platform’s website and meet the requirements set for operation.

Binance Introduces Wrapped Tokens For Ethereum

  • Users can now convert their BTC, DOT, FIL, and WRX to Wrapped Tokens and use them as ERC20 coins on the Ethereum network.
  • The new assets are said to be covered by the SAFU fund with a 1:1 peg to their respective native cryptocurrencies.

Investigator Team Receives $200,000 Bounty Reward From Binance

  • The U.S. Department of Justice successfully identified and sanctioned the attackers, who are currently being pursued by law enforcement.
  • The team of investigators that provided Binance with information about the attackers has received a $200,000 reward.

Binance Recovers 99.9% of Crypto Stolen In DeFi Exit Scam

  • The Wine Swap exit scam took place on 13 October on the Binance Smart Chain, and was responsible for the loss of $345,000 worth of crypto.
  • Using on-chain analysis, Binance was able to identify the culprit, and eventually recover $344,000 of the lost funds, which are now being returned to their rightful owners.

Kraken Unveils Elaborate Ledger Phishing Attack

  • While the Ledger team managed to respond within 48 hours of the start of the phishing campaign, attackers are continuing to switch domains to keep going.
  • The criminals are supposedly using phishing emails and text messages to effectively redirect users to a cloned website closely resembling the original version.

Binance’s $100 Million Accelerator Fund Adds 5 New Projects

  • Along with the first batch of blockchain companies who received funding, the projects working on Binance Smart Chain now number 11.
  • The exchange platform will look to recruit more new developer organizations, which are inclined to foster innovation and help grow the Binance ecosystem.

Forbes Alleges Binance Schemes To Evade Regulators, Binance CEO Responds

  • The report by Forbes Crypto alleges that Binance employed an elaborate scheme to circumvent US regulations by distracting them with the "Tai-Chi Entity".
  • Binance CEO denied the accusations, stating that the article was FUD and that Binance had always operated within the boundaries of the law.