Ripple Acquires 40% Stake in Asian Cross-Border Payments Solution Tranglo

  • Malaysia-based Tranglo has processed over 20 million transactions totaling $4 billion in value.
  • The acquisition will enable Ripple to meet growing demand in Southeast Asia.

Ripple, MoneyGram End Years-Long Partnership

  • Officially announced in June 2019, the partnership between the two firms has "processed billions of dollars through RippleNet and On-Demand Liquidity".
  • The fallout between the two firms did not come as a surprise, with MoneyGram having suspended its agreement with Ripple back in February.

SEC Lawsuit Has Not Affected Ripple’s Business in Asia

  • While exchanges in the U.S. have decided to delist XRP, Ripple's business in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow, thanks to "regulatory clarity".
  • The firm has already moved to file a motion to dismiss the SEC lawsuit, arguing that FinCEN had previously classified XRP as a virtual currency.

Ripple to Enter CBDC Race With Private Version of XRP Ledger

  • The firm has stated that transactions through its CBDC Private Ledger will be "cost-effective, reliable, and close to instantaneous".
  • Ripple further claimed central banks will have complete sovereignty and ability to customize their CBDC through its private ledger.

LuLu Exchange, Federal Bank, Ripple Partner to Offer UAE-India Remittances

  • UAE-based LuLu Exchange and Indian Federal Bank will establish a remittance corridor between the two countries.
  • The corridor will use RippleNet Cloud to make cross-border payments faster, cheaper, and more reliable.

SBI Launches XRP Lending Services

  • The 0.1% interest rate of XRP lending is significantly lower than that of Bitcoin, which has had a 1% return rate since its launch in November 2020.
  • The minimum amount that can be loaned is 1,000 XRP, while the maximum has been set at 100,000 XRP, with a lending period of 84 days.

Damage Done: Coinbase is Delisting XRP

  • The avalanche of XRP delistings seems to have arrived, as Coinbase has just announced that the asset will not be tradeable on their platform after January 19.
  • The larger cryptocurrency community is torn on the issue, while XRP has lost two thirds of its price within ten days.

Ripple Profits From 2019 MoneyGram Investment

  • Ripple's 2019 investment in MoneyGram seems to be paying off, with the firm netting $15.3 million from selling 2.2 million of its shares in the remittance firm.
  • While the developer of XRP is planning to sell a total of 4 million MoneyGram shares, that only represents one third of its stake.

Ripple Continues To File For Trademarks In The U.S.

  • Last week the firm filed for yet another trademark, PayString, though the lack of information leaves us guessing what it will be used for.
  • 2020 has been a busy year for Ripple, as can be seen from the USPTO website, which shows the company has filed for 11 trademarks throughout the year.

Ripple Threatens To Move If SEC’s “Hostile” Attitude Doesn’t Change

  • Ripple's executive chairman, Chris Larsen, voiced his opinion that the "hostile attitude" towards crypto can only hurt the U.S..
  • While moving Ripple's headquarters would do little to lessen U.S. regulatory oversight, a softer host government would nonetheless help.