Ripple Enables Fast Cross-Border Remittance Services Between The U.S. And Mexico

  • MoneyGram has already implemented RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity service and is planning to expand its usage.
  • Intermex will reduce costs for one of the most heavily used remittance corridors – the one between the USA and Mexico.

Rumours About XRP Support on BitPay Confirmed

  • Gift card merchant eGifter and humanitarian organisation CareUSA will be the first merchants to accept XRP through BitPay.
  • Support for the cryptocurrency has been achieved through collaboration with Xpring.

Elliptic Finds Only $400 Million in XRP Transactions Are Illicit

  • Illicit activity includes a variety of Ponzi schemes and darknet activities, but only represents 0.2% of all transactions.
  • Elliptic started analyzing XRP transactions over a year ago and identified several hundred accounts with illegal activity.

Bank of America Discretely Pilots Ripple Service

  • A presentation that was led by Ripple upper management clearly shows Bank of America’s involvement.
  • While Bank of America’s management were skeptical back in the day, it now seems that they are preparing to enter the DLT industry.

Ripple’s Xpring Acquires Logos Network to Build XRP DeFi Products

  • Ripple is continuing to work on expanding the ecosystem around XRP.
  • The acquisition is focused on the mutual development of decentralized financial products.

Ripple Appoints Legal Expert Who Previously Led the Token Taxonomy Act

  • Ripple aims to enhance their position and approach towards U.S. legislators.
  • Michelle Bond, Ripple's Global Head of Government Relations, welcomed Hammond via her LinkedIn profile.

Ripple Has Sold Over $250 Million in XRP in Q2 of 2019

  • Ripple's new quarterly market report has revealed a 48% quarterly increase in XRP sold.
  • The report also shows that the company released 3 billion out of its escrow, but reinvested 2.1 billion back in new escrow contracts.

Ripple Release Report Showing They Sold $535 Million Worth of XRP in 2018

  • Ripple have released their report for the fourth quarter of 2018, claiming impressive sales of their cryptocurrency despite the bearish market conditions.
  • The company managed to sell 129.03 million dollars worth of XRP in Q4, adding up to a total of $535.56 for 2018.

R3 Announce New App which Supports XRP Payments

  • R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm, has announced, in a press release, the launch of their new application Corda Settler.
  • The application was built to ensure a seamless settlement of payments on Corda, and according to the press release, Ripple will be the first settlement mechanism.