Ripple Threatens To Move If SEC’s “Hostile” Attitude Doesn’t Change

  • Ripple's executive chairman, Chris Larsen, voiced his opinion that the "hostile attitude" towards crypto can only hurt the U.S..
  • While moving Ripple's headquarters would do little to lessen U.S. regulatory oversight, a softer host government would nonetheless help.

Santander Adds New Regions To Payments App In Collaboration With Ripple

  • Built by Santander and Ripple, the One Pay FX international payments app is now available in 19 additional regions.
  • The bank also enhanced its Ripple-powered payments system to allow instant transactions.

New Lawsuit Alleges XRP Sale Violated Security Laws

  • The new allegations are coming from the same firm which unsuccessfully tried to sue crypto derivatives exchange FTX for $150 million in November 2019.
  • The company, Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement, is looking to "recover damages" and obtain "compensatory damages".

TPBank To Provide Transparent Transactions Between Vietnam & The World Using RippleNet

  • Via the new remittance services a transaction between two countries can be settled in minutes.
  • Using RippleNet, TPBank plans to open new cross-border transaction corridors and eventually grow their operations into other countries.

The Oldest Bank In Thailand Goes Digital Thanks To Partnership With Ripple

  • SCB expects that its Outward Remittance Service should be of big interest to its 16 million customers.
  • Mobile payments are very popular in Asia and SCB Easy can transfer money to accounts in 40 seconds.

Ripple Enables Fast Cross-Border Remittance Services Between The U.S. And Mexico

  • MoneyGram has already implemented RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity service and is planning to expand its usage.
  • Intermex will reduce costs for one of the most heavily used remittance corridors – the one between the USA and Mexico.

Rumours About XRP Support on BitPay Confirmed

  • Gift card merchant eGifter and humanitarian organisation CareUSA will be the first merchants to accept XRP through BitPay.
  • Support for the cryptocurrency has been achieved through collaboration with Xpring.

Elliptic Finds Only $400 Million in XRP Transactions Are Illicit

  • Illicit activity includes a variety of Ponzi schemes and darknet activities, but only represents 0.2% of all transactions.
  • Elliptic started analyzing XRP transactions over a year ago and identified several hundred accounts with illegal activity.

Bank of America Discretely Pilots Ripple Service

  • A presentation that was led by Ripple upper management clearly shows Bank of America’s involvement.
  • While Bank of America’s management were skeptical back in the day, it now seems that they are preparing to enter the DLT industry.

Ripple’s Xpring Acquires Logos Network to Build XRP DeFi Products

  • Ripple is continuing to work on expanding the ecosystem around XRP.
  • The acquisition is focused on the mutual development of decentralized financial products.