Initial Exchange Offerings

OKEx Announces 10th IEO – HyperDAO

  • OKEx and HyperDAO share a common belief in decentralized finance, which led to this partnership.
  • Users can participate from both the OKEx app and OKEx website, but have to complete their KYC2 verification before that.

Binance Announces Its First IEO of 2020

  • This time the exchange will sell native tokens for a recent acquisition - an Indian fiat gateway.
  • The familiar ticket system will be used, and BNB balances are already being recorded.

New Binance Launchpad IEO: Troy Trade

  • Troy Trade will try to raise $4 million through its token sale, for which it has allocated 8% of its total supply.
  • The firm has also prepared 40 million tokens to be airdropped to Binance Launchpad users who were unable to participate in the IEO.

Binance Announces Its Eight Launchpad Project

  • Binance returns to high-throughput, quick-finality blockchains by hosting an IEO for Perlin's Wavelet blockchain. Lottery rules have been updated.
  • The project is backed by the Singapore Government, the Indian Government and Bitmain among others.

Despite Community Pessimism, WINk Starts Trading at Eight Times Its IEO Price

  • For the first time in months, the ratio of winning lottery tickets has improved for participants.
  • The token stabilised at around 3.5 times its IEO price, proving pessimists wrong.

Binance Announces an IEO for a Gaming Platform Token

  • WINk is a rebrand of the most popular Dapp on the Tron network - TRONbet.
  • The IEO will value the token relatively high but expectations are that investor interest will still be high.

IEO Returns High as Ever, Akropolis Investors Get 12x Their Money in a Day

  • Huobi Prime's latest offering traded at 12x its IEO price hours after open trading started.
  • Interest in Akropolis is not unexpected, considering that Akropolis is an EEA member with multiple partnerships.

Elrond Starts Trading at 14 Times its IEO Price

  • Binance Launchpad's latest offering has outperformed the initial price jump of Matic and Harmony.
  • It is also available to trade on Binance DEX, airdrops for DEX users have also been announced.

Telegram’s Cryptocurrency to be Sold at Triple ICO Price in Public Offering

  • Gram Asia is selling the Gram tokens it is holding for $4 each, approximately three times the price they sold for before, on the Liquid exchange.
  • Telegram, which is used by more than 200 million people, is hoping to release its Gram token by the end of the third quarter of 2019.

Binance Launchpad’s Next IEO Project Is Once Again a High-Speed and Throughput Blockchain

  • Elrond, currently in its testnet stage, is a high-throughput, quick-finality blockchain network.
  • Its upcoming IEO on Biannce Launchpad will once again allow lottery participants to purchase a limited number of tokens.