Initial Exchange Offerings

OKEx Jumpstart To Launch WaykiChain Governance Coin Token Sale

  • The launch on June 17, 2020 will include two subscription sessions.
  • Users will be able to buy the token at $0.003 USDT a piece.

OKEx Announces 10th IEO – HyperDAO

  • OKEx and HyperDAO share a common belief in decentralized finance, which led to this partnership.
  • Users can participate from both the OKEx app and OKEx website, but have to complete their KYC2 verification before that.

Binance Announces Its First IEO of 2020

  • This time the exchange will sell native tokens for a recent acquisition - an Indian fiat gateway.
  • The familiar ticket system will be used, and BNB balances are already being recorded.

New Binance Launchpad IEO: Troy Trade

  • Troy Trade will try to raise $4 million through its token sale, for which it has allocated 8% of its total supply.
  • The firm has also prepared 40 million tokens to be airdropped to Binance Launchpad users who were unable to participate in the IEO.

Binance Announces Its Eight Launchpad Project

  • Binance returns to high-throughput, quick-finality blockchains by hosting an IEO for Perlin's Wavelet blockchain. Lottery rules have been updated.
  • The project is backed by the Singapore Government, the Indian Government and Bitmain among others.

Despite Community Pessimism, WINk Starts Trading at Eight Times Its IEO Price

  • For the first time in months, the ratio of winning lottery tickets has improved for participants.
  • The token stabilised at around 3.5 times its IEO price, proving pessimists wrong.

Binance Announces an IEO for a Gaming Platform Token

  • WINk is a rebrand of the most popular Dapp on the Tron network - TRONbet.
  • The IEO will value the token relatively high but expectations are that investor interest will still be high.

IEO Returns High as Ever, Akropolis Investors Get 12x Their Money in a Day

  • Huobi Prime's latest offering traded at 12x its IEO price hours after open trading started.
  • Interest in Akropolis is not unexpected, considering that Akropolis is an EEA member with multiple partnerships.

Elrond Starts Trading at 14 Times its IEO Price

  • Binance Launchpad's latest offering has outperformed the initial price jump of Matic and Harmony.
  • It is also available to trade on Binance DEX, airdrops for DEX users have also been announced.

Telegram’s Cryptocurrency to be Sold at Triple ICO Price in Public Offering

  • Gram Asia is selling the Gram tokens it is holding for $4 each, approximately three times the price they sold for before, on the Liquid exchange.
  • Telegram, which is used by more than 200 million people, is hoping to release its Gram token by the end of the third quarter of 2019.