Initial Coin Offerings

£500 Million in Real Estate to be Tokenized by tZERO and the Tezos Foundation

  • tZERO will tokenize the assets, while the Tezos protocol will serve as the base infrastructure to "deploy, transfer and store the digital assets and smart contracts".
  • The first security tokens will represent £20 million in equity of a waterfront development.

SE Digital Becomes Thailand’s First Regulated ICO Portal

  • The new ICO Portal Operator is already planning the launch of its first token offering, with a targeted transaction size of $98 million.
  • Another company, ERX, has also filed for a Digital Assets Exchange License, looking to provide a secondary market for tokens issued through SE Digital.

BitPAC Launches Politicoin ICO to Support U.S. House Candidate

  • There will be no value associated with the token as it will be only for utility, but it will provide its holders with some sort of voting rights further down the line.
  • For now, BitPAC will be supporting only one candidate, Dan Bishop, a North Carolina State Senator.

Celer ICO Concludes, Resulting in Public Disappointment With Binance Launchpad

  • The ICO of second-layer scaling solution Celer, performed on top of Binance Launchpad, has concluded.
  • The buying pressure was by no means unexpected, considering the easy profits, generated by participation in previous Launchpad crowdsales, such as those for Fetch AI and BitTorrent.

Ground X Raises $90 Million in a Private Token Sale

  • According to Jason Han, CEO of Ground X, some of the participants in this ICO round included firms such as IDG Capital, Crescendo Equity Partners, and Translink Capital.
  • According to Bloomberg, Ground X has already partnered with 26 companies that plan to run their applications on Klaytn, the firm's proprietary blockchain network.

Fetch AI ICO Repeats BitTorrent’s Post-ICO Price Jump

  • Binance's Launchpad service has been showing a pattern, that's remarkably similar to the 2017 Ethereum-based ICO craze.
  • A second ICO in a row on the exchange has managed to successfully multiply investors' money - after reaching its hard cap in minutes.

Roger Ver Becomes an Advisor of Ethereum-Based Liven ICO

  • Early Bitcoin investor and controversial Bitcoin Cash evangelist Roger Ver is not shying away from supporting any type of cryptocurrency he considers fit for purpose.
  • Liven describe themselves as "an existing mobile payment and loyalty platform for the food and beverage industry that seeks to solve fundamental problems.

Polkadot Plans to Raise up to $60 Million Through a Second Token Sale

  • The Blockchain project, created by Ethereum Co-Founder Gavin Wood, will bring the price of all it's tokens to $1.2billion if successful, the WSJ quoted "people familiar with the matter".
  • hrough its first token sale in October 2017, Polkadot was able to raise close to $145 million with key investments coming from Polychain Capital, Pantera Capital, and Boost VC.