Initial Coin Offerings

Kik & SEC Jointly Propose $5 Million Settlement To End ICO Lawsuit

  • The proposed joint settlement is not final, and still requires approval from presiding judge Alvin Hellerstein.
  • If approved, the settlement will enjoin the firm against future securities law violations, and make it pay a $5 million fine.

Salt Lending Ordered To Refund Investors In Its $47M ICO

  • The firm now has 14 days to issue a press release, informing its investors of the SEC's order, and beginning the process of offering refunds to investors.
  • The firm has also agreed to register its SALT token as a security with the regulator, and pay an additional $250,000 civil penalty fine in the next 10 days.

SKALE Concludes Token Sale With 3,736 Buyers Across 90 Countries

  • The sale aimed to gather the most number of participants in order to secure SKALE’s network.
  • The Phase 2 platform is said to provide customers with access to fast and secure chains, with significantly lower gas fees.

Ava Labs Increases Public Sale Token Allocation Due To High Demand

  • A total of 72 million AVAX tokens are now available for purchase - at $0.50 and $0.85 a piece.
  • The ICO is set to raise around $40 million, if it hits the hard cap.

Blockchain Data Startup The Graph Raises $5 Million In Token Sale

  • Ethereum data firm The Graph manages to collect over $5 million from their Initial Coin Offering.
  • The company plans on expanding their indexing protocol, allowing for faster and more accurate interactions.

AVA Labs Raises $12M In Private Token Sale, Prepares Public Offering

  • The total amount of funds raised by the project has now reached $18 million.
  • The company is also planning to conduct a public token sale on 8 July, in accordance with the U.S. federal financial regulations.

Block.​One Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over EOS ICO, Again

  • The new class action complaint accuses the firm of taking $200 million from U.S. investors during its ICO.
  • The development comes only months after the firm paid $24 million to the SEC, after an investigation into the ICO.

Another TON Delay: Investors Offered 72% Immediate Refund, 110% in a Year

  • Telegram investors have until the end of the week to decide if they want a 72% immediate refund or 110% on 30 April 2021.
  • If Telegram does not receive regulatory approval by then, it vows to use equity from the company to repay its investors.

£500 Million in Real Estate to be Tokenized by tZERO and the Tezos Foundation

  • tZERO will tokenize the assets, while the Tezos protocol will serve as the base infrastructure to "deploy, transfer and store the digital assets and smart contracts".
  • The first security tokens will represent £20 million in equity of a waterfront development.

SE Digital Becomes Thailand’s First Regulated ICO Portal

  • The new ICO Portal Operator is already planning the launch of its first token offering, with a targeted transaction size of $98 million.
  • Another company, ERX, has also filed for a Digital Assets Exchange License, looking to provide a secondary market for tokens issued through SE Digital.