Initial Coin Offerings

Avalaunch Project Performance for Investors (Part 2)

  • Three new Avalaunch IDO tokens are currently valued significantly higher than their sale price.
  • The upcoming Imperium Empires game is perhaps the most hyped up project to launch a token on the launchpad.

TaleCraft IDO – Massive Profits and an Overlooked Airdrop

  • Less than a week after the start of open trading, TaleCraft price is stable at 50 times the IDO valuation.
  • Every single XAVA staker who claimed an allocation is also eligible for an airdrop worth more than the potential investment amount

Avalaunch 7 Months In – Project Performance for Investors

  • The worst performing IDO on the platform is still up in price 3 times, despite not even having a finalised product, while the best performer increased its value 150 times in less than a week.
  • Avalaunch also has a clever tokenomics system, aimed at attracting new small-time investors.

Solana Completes $314 Million Private Token Sale

  • The $314 million funding round is the fourth largest in crypto history outside of ICOs.
  • The company will use the funds to increase adoption by improving trading and supporting dApps.

Loopring Introduces Initial Wallet Offering (IWO)

  • Users will be able to participate in IWOs directly from their Loopring Smart Wallets.
  • The platform will also launch a trading competition and liquidity mining activities for IWO projects directly on Ethereum's Layer 2.

Pirate Bay Quietly Launched a Digital Token. Is It a Scam?

  • The 30 million visitors of the torrent website are now one click away from purchasing Pirate tokens.
  • The token itself appears questionable at best, with upwards of 99.9% of its supply still belonging to the token creator.

INX Raises $85 Million in Token IPO

  • When combined with previous placements and token sales, the company expects to have raised over $125 million.
  • INX became the first company to hold an SEC-registered token IPO.

Societe Generale Issues Security Token on Tezos

  • The bank issued a €5 million Euro Medium-Term Note (EMNT), a type of fixed debt security that expires in 5 to 10 years.
  • The transaction is a key step in launching the bank's enterprise-focused crypto arm in 2022.

Founder of Centra Tech Sentenced to Prison for ICO Scam

  • Robert Farkas was sentenced to one year in prison for conducting an illegal ICO.
  • Farkas and other Centra Tech founders defrauded investors out of $25 million in 2017.

U.S. Court Orders Blockvest to Pay $700K

  • The firm had made false claims to have received regulatory approval from various agencies, one of which was fabricated.
  • Blockvest and its founder will need to pay $696,000 in civil penalties, and abide by a number of restraints and conditions moving forward.