SEBA Bank Enables Users to Earn Yields on Crypto

  • The new SEBA Earn product will enable customers to earn yields from proof-of-stake protocols such as Polkadot, Tezos and Cardano.
  • Institutions will also have access to DeFi programs, in addition to centralized lending and borrowing of BTC and ETH.

FTX.US’ NFT Marketplace Now Supports Solana-Based Tokens

  • Launched in September with limited functionality, the FTX.US NFT marketplace has now expended its support to cover Solana-based NFTs.
  • In order to avoid the attention of regulators, the NFT marketplace will not list tokens that advertise or offer royalties to their holders.

tZERO Enables Users to Fund Brokerage Accounts With BTC and ETH

  • tZERO Markets customers will be able to sell their BTC and ETH through third-party custodial accounts and use the proceeds to fund their brokerage accounts.
  • The feature will become available on 5 October for all users.

Robinhood Testing New Crypto Wallet Features

  • Information in the code of Robinhood's iPhone app revealed that the company was testing out crypto withdrawals.
  • If launched, the features would enable users to manage their cryptocurrencies in the app and transfer them to external wallets.

Vee Finance Exploited for $35M Worth of BTC and ETH

  • The 8805 ETH and 214 BTC that were stolen were collected into a single address, and the attacker is yet to transfer or process them.
  • Vee Finance assured users that the incident occurred in the "pending contract", and that the assets in its Stable Coin sector remain unaffected.

EY Announces Integration With Polygon

  • Polygon's public, permissionless commit chain will be connected to EY flagship blockchain services.
  • The integration will provide EY's enterprise users with increased transaction volume at a predictable cost.

Coinbase Launches Ethereum 2.0 Staking Rewards in the U.K.

  • Coinbase's U.K. customers can now join a waiting list for ETH2 staking.
  • Once launched, there will be no minimum amount required to stake.

Chainlink Price Feeds Go Live on Optimistic Ethereum

  • The integration will enable developers building on Optimistic Ethereum to access high-quality, tamper-proof data feeds on-chain.
  • Optimism PBC will work with Chainlink to expand support for other oracle services, including Chainlink VFT and Chainlink Keepers.

Offchain Labs Rolls Out Arbitrum One After Raising $120 Million in Funding

  • The scaling solution has seen more than 350 projects sign up since its beta release in May this year.
  • Arbitrum One's release comes on the heels of a $120 million Series B funding round the company closed this week.

Ethereum’s London Upgrade Now Live

  • The London upgrade brought with it EIP-1559, which will decrease the ETH circulating supply by burning transactions base fee.
  • While mining pool operators claim EIP-1559 will unfairly cut into their profits, proponents of the change argue it will help ETH transition to a deflationary asset.