Wirex Migrates a Portion of WXT to Ethereum

  • A fifth of WXT's total supply (2 billion tokens) will be moved from Stellar to Ethereum.
  • The move is part of Wirex's wider plan to widen access to DeFi and boost crypto adoption.

Uniswap V3 Now Live on Ethereum Mainnet

  • The largest feature of V3 is "concentrated liquidity", which enables liquidity providers to make markets within customized price ranges.
  • The feature also aggregates individual positions into a single pool, forming one combined curve for users to trade against.

S&P Launches BTC, ETH Crypto Indexes

  • SPBTC and SPETH will be tied to Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively, while SPCMC will follow the performance of both assets.
  • The indices were launched on Monday using reference and pricing data from partner firm Lukka.

Ledger Nano S Now Supports Ethereum 2.0

  • The update brings support for EIP2333, enabling users to sign deposit contract transactions for Ethereum 2.0 directly on the Nano S.
  • Other features in version 2.0.0 are geared towards improving the UI and UX.

OpenEthereum Experiencing Sync Issues Amid Berlin Upgrade

  • Shortly after the Berlin upgrade was activated, the Ethereum software client malfunctioned, and is now stuck on block 12,244,294.
  • Popular crypto companies, such as Coinbase and Ledger, are now experiencing issues with their ETH and ETC-20 services.

1inch Network Optimized For The Berlin Hard Fork

  • 1inch optimized its smart contracts to avoid suffering from increased costs brought on by the Berlin hard fork.
  • One of the EIPs incorporated in the fork could triple the cost for swapping tokens on DEXs.

Optimism Mainnet Upgrade to Erase Transaction History

  • The Optimism team decided to pursue a "regenesis" of the network to prepare for the July mainnet launch.
  • The upgrade will not affect funds, but will remove all transaction history before the regenesis.

Decentraland’s MANA Token Now Available on Polygon

  • The decentralized gaming platform expects to complete a larger migration to the Polygon network sometime in May.
  • Users can now purchase MANA tokens directly with debit and credit cards thanks to an integration with crypto on/off ramp Transak.

Aave to Launch on Polygon

  • In order for users to easily transfer their assets from one network to the other, Aave will soon release a new smart contract bridge.
  • Powered by Chainlink, Polygon will allow Aave to maintain the highest standard of safety for its protocol price feeds.

Visa to Settle Payments in USDC on Ethereum

  • will be the first company allowed to manage its Visa card business entirely in the USDC stablecoin.
  • The new USDC settlements platform will be made available to other Visa crypto partners "later this year".