Uniswap Raises $11 Million In Series A To Build Uniswap V3

  • All the funds will be directed towards expanding the development team and the creation of a new design.
  • The v2 of the platform improves user experience and extends some of the core features, reducing costs and presenting traders with more flexibility.

The Crypto Market Is Preparing For Ethereum 2.0

  • Several delays and a couple years of flying under the radar have set up Ethereum's Beacon Chain as a catalyst to a possible crypto market renaissance.
  • Phase 0 launch is just around the corner and the market is preparing for the expected increase in demand for ETH.

Developers Release Info About The Final Ethereum 2.0 Pre-Launch Testnet

  • The developer team behind Ethereum 2.0 released detailed specification of the last pre-launch version of the network.
  • They also shared attacknets guidelines for stress testing the network, with bounties of up to $5,000.

Arca Launches New SEC-Registered Digital Security On Ethereum

  • The so-called ArCoin is a new ERC-1404 token, which represents the "Arca U.S. Treasury Fund".
  • The new fund has chosen to invest the majority of its assets in one of the investment world's least risky asset, Treasurys.

The Winner Of This Ethereum Reddit Competition Will Receive 25,000 Dai

  • The award was announced after criticism from the Reddit community.
  • Developers will be able to share their demos by July 31, 2020.

First U.S. Ethereum Futures Contracts Launched By ErisX

  • The first physically-settled futures contracts for the 2nd largest crypto by market cap will be regulated by the CFTC.
  • The new offer came only days after the exchange obtained the lucrative New York virtual currency license.

Unibright, Chainlink, Anyblock Analytics Form EMINENT Task Force

  • The goal will be to produce open-source standards that will make it easy for enterprises to integrate with the Ethereum mainnet.
  • The task force expects to be done within 18 - 24 months, though intermediate updates will be released to the public.

EY Announce New ZKP Blockchain Technology for Ethereum

  • The new technology will vastly reduce costs as it will allow up to 20 transfers in a single transaction.
  • According to Paul Brody this iteration of the technology is a serious milestone in the migration from public to private blockchains.

Testnet Split Caused by Ethereum’s Istanbul Early Arrival

  • The update came in 2 days earlier, causing a split of the Ropsten testnet.
  • There shouldn't be any problems when the update is activated on the main Ethereum network, Hudson Jameson, community manager of the Ethereum Foundation, explained.

Ethereum Foundation’s Director Will Now Help Businesses Use Public Blockchain

  • Aya Miyaguchi made a statement where she noted that EEA wants to impact the industry.
  • Joseph Lubin commented on the attention by businesses to the Ethereum network.