Ukraine Receives Over $35M in Crypto Donations, Announces Airdrop

  • In order to thank the crypto community for its support, the Ukrainian government is planning to conduct an "airdrop" to donors that have contributed crypto.
  • Although the Ukrainian government accepts donations only in ETH, BTC, USDT, and DOT, Uniswap has launched an interface that converts ERC-20 tokens into ETH before sending them to Ukraine.

CME Group to Launch Micro BTC and ETH Options

  • Genesis Global Trading, Cumberland, and Akuna Capital will be providing liquidity for CME Group's new crypto investment vehicle.
  • The new micro BTC and ETH options, expected to start trading on 28 March, will allow for a wider range of market participants to manage their exposure.

Layer-2 Solution StarkNet Ready for DApp Deployment

  • Launched back in November with limited functionality, StarkNet is a permissionless version of StarkWare's StarkEx platform, which supports DeversiFi, Immutable, and dYdX.
  • The StarkNet team is planning to decentralize the project sometime in the second half of 2022, and hand over StarkNet's governance to its community.

Token Bridge Wormhole Exploited for $334M

  • Since the incident, the Wormhole team has claimed to have found a fix to the exploit, which has already been deployed, and that all funds were safe.
  • The token bridge has also contacted the hacker through his Ethereum address, offering him a $10 million bug bounty if he was willing to return the stolen funds.

ConsenSys Acquires Wallet Manager MyCrypto

  • Although the two brands will initially operate separately, the ultimate goal is to have MyCrypto merge with MetaMask over time.
  • Part of ConsenSys' decision to acquire MyCrypto was its developer team, and their shared focus on user safety and security.

Sports NFT Platform Lympo Hacked for $18M

  • The hacker got away with 165.2 million of the project's LMT tokens, which fell in price by 92% after the accident.
  • Lympo's team removed LMT from various liquidity pools shortly after the incident, and is currently working on a plan to remedy the situation.

Mercado Pago to Launch Crypto Services in Brazil Through Paxos

  • The new feature, expected to launch by the end of December, will give Brazilian Mercado Pago users access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Pax Dollar.
  • Once the feature is launched, Brazilian users will be able to directly buy crypto using their existing account balance.

Binance Integrates With Arbitrum One

  • While it has completed its integration with Arbitrum One, Binance has only opened ETH deposits to layer 2, with withdrawals being expected on a later date.
  • Arbitrum One is a layer 2 optimistic rollup protocol that enables lower costs and faster transactions than the Ethereum mainnet.

Layer 2 Developer Matter Labs Closes $50M Series B

  • Led by a16z, the Series B will help the company expand its team, marketing efforts, and finance its business growth.
  • Matter Labs is currently working on its zkSync v2 technology, which will support EVM-compatible smart contracts.

SEBA Bank Enables Users to Earn Yields on Crypto

  • The new SEBA Earn product will enable customers to earn yields from proof-of-stake protocols such as Polkadot, Tezos and Cardano.
  • Institutions will also have access to DeFi programs, in addition to centralized lending and borrowing of BTC and ETH.