Bitcoin Cash Announces A New Fiat Gateway and a Leadership Change

  • Stefan Rust will replace Roger Ver as CEO of, while Ver will serve as an executive chairman.
  •'s new exchange will use Bitcoin Cash as a base currency and will serve as a fiat gateway.

Bitcoin Cash Fundraising Goal Doubled after Successful Campaign Start

  • The funding goal is now 1600 BCH.
  • Bitcoin Verde and Flowee the Hub have been added to the beneficiaries list.

Bitcoin Cash Close to Reaching Development Fundraising Goal

  • 761.85 BCH have already been raised for Bitcoin Cash development.
  • For the time being it looks like Bitcoin Cash development doesn't need large corporate investment, DAO-s or other forms of funding.

Bitcoin Cash Overcomes an Attack, Successfully Implements Schnorr Signatures

  • As of block 582,680, mined at around 5:30 PM UTC, the updated BCH network now supports Schnorr signatures.
  • A block template creation bug was exploited by a malicious entity, which resulted in empty blocks being mined, an orphaned block, and a temporary mempool size of nearly 20MB.

Roger Ver Pledges $10,000 to a Charity of Adam Back’s Choosing if he Agrees to Debate Peter Rizun

  • The Twitter feud between big block proponent Peter Rizun and Blockstream founder Adam Back could escalate into a moderated public debate.
  • Most recently, a public discussion between Rizun and Hashcash inventor Adam Back, who serves as a CEO of Blockstream, ended with an invitation by Rizun for a public debate.

New Pay-for-Attention Model Used for Advertising on the BCH Network

  • An ad campaign platform takes a new innovative approach to advertising on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network through their pay-for-attention model.
  • The platform, called Memopay, harnesses the power of blockchain technology in an attempt to transform the advertising business.

Roger Ver offers OpenNode $1.25 Million to Build on Bitcoin Cash, Gets Denied

  • Following the news that venture capitalist Tim Draper has invested $1.25 in the promising startup, the early Bitcoin adopter and Bitcoin Cash advocate came up with a matching proposal himself.
  • The unfortunate outcome did not deter Roger Ver from pursuing his goal of global merchant adoption for Bitcoin Cash.

Calvin Ayre Offers BCH Peace in Exchange for BCH Changing Its Ticker

  • After committing to follow "the longest chain" just weeks prior, he has clearly abandoned his promise and is looking to bargain his way out of an embarrassing defeat.
  • In a press release, where he accuses Bitmain and of "cheating", he is crafting an offer for the opposing camp.

Bitcoin Cash Chain Split Seems Inevitable

  • While things are all but settled in BCH-land, some hints of what the future holds have been presented by both sides of the argument.
  • Rumors and threats of a so-called “reorganisation attack” have been circulating ever since the Bitcoin ABC camp took a massive hash lead on November 15th.