Bitcoin Cash

KuCoin Launches PoW Mining Pool

  • KuCoin was able to offer much lower mining fees on its pool thanks to its team, which reportedly has more than six years of expertise in the industry.
  • The CEO of KuCoin, Johnny Lyu, also revealed the KuCoin Pool will encourage "green mining" by offering miners that use renewable energy discount on their fees.

Mysterious Miner Threatens The Existence Of Bitcoin Cash ABC

  • Transactions on the ABC chain are only let through if they contain the following message in their op_return: "There was never a funding problem."
  • The occasional block mined by ViaBTC mostly contains spam transactions, making transacting on the network next to impossible.

Bitcoin Cash Splits, Again

  • The outcome of the contentious fork appears to be a massive win for the new BCHN implementation.
  • BCHA, while still alive and kicking, appears to only catch 5% of the coin's value. alongside less than 0.1% of the total SHA256 hash rate.

Timeline: Craig Wright’s Story So Far

  • Though the Australian has claimed, multiple times, that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, he has yet to provide any concrete proof.
  • Wright's story has been revolving mostly around the debunking of multiple "proofs" of him being Satoshi, his role in the Bitcoin Cash split, a multi-billion dollar lawsuit, and his patent trolling company.

The Scheduled Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade Is Complete

  • Bitcoin Cash's planned network upgrade went without hiccups or attacks on the network.
  • Three new features have been added, enhancing user experience and development capabilities alike.

Bitcoin ABC, Jiang Zhuoer Determined to Implement a Mining Tax on Bitcoin Cash

  • Major ecosystem participants, including former supporters of the proposal, have publicly criticised the actions of the most popular Bitcoin Cash node implementation and its representatives.
  • The latest iteration of the proposal features a 5% redistribution amount, a voting system and a whitelist of fund recipients.

Roger Ver Explains The Motivations Behind The @Bitcoin Twitter Handle Ownership Change

  • In Ver's words, the original owner was one of the earliest popular bitcoiners who lost his cryptocurrency fortune to a hack.
  • Selling Twitter accounts is prohibited by the service's policies.

Bitcoin Cash: Updated Infrastructure Fund Proposal, Bullish Market Prediction

  • The second edition of Zhuoer's proposal has removed the unaccountable Hong Kong corporation and integrated a democratic process for decision making going forward.
  • The proposal hints towards a bullish expectation of $2,000 per BCH in 2021.

After Heated Community Debates, Support For The Developer Funding Plan on BCH Starts Fading

  • will not support the decision to tax miners in order to provide funding for protocol developers.
  • There is no alternative funding solution at present, and community infighting is still ongoing.

Bitcoin Cash Miners Planning to Implement an Infrastructure Fund

  • Jiang Zhuoer, CEO of BTC.TOP has announced a plan to redirect 12.5% of mining profits to node implementation developers.
  • As per the blog post, blocks that do not donate the agreed amount will be orphaned.