Bitcoin Cash

The Scheduled Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade Is Complete

  • Bitcoin Cash's planned network upgrade went without hiccups or attacks on the network.
  • Three new features have been added, enhancing user experience and development capabilities alike.

Bitcoin ABC, Jiang Zhuoer Determined to Implement a Mining Tax on Bitcoin Cash

  • Major ecosystem participants, including former supporters of the proposal, have publicly criticised the actions of the most popular Bitcoin Cash node implementation and its representatives.
  • The latest iteration of the proposal features a 5% redistribution amount, a voting system and a whitelist of fund recipients.

Roger Ver Explains The Motivations Behind The @Bitcoin Twitter Handle Ownership Change

  • In Ver's words, the original owner was one of the earliest popular bitcoiners who lost his cryptocurrency fortune to a hack.
  • Selling Twitter accounts is prohibited by the service's policies.

Bitcoin Cash: Updated Infrastructure Fund Proposal, Bullish Market Prediction

  • The second edition of Zhuoer's proposal has removed the unaccountable Hong Kong corporation and integrated a democratic process for decision making going forward.
  • The proposal hints towards a bullish expectation of $2,000 per BCH in 2021.

After Heated Community Debates, Support For The Developer Funding Plan on BCH Starts Fading

  • will not support the decision to tax miners in order to provide funding for protocol developers.
  • There is no alternative funding solution at present, and community infighting is still ongoing.

Bitcoin Cash Miners Planning to Implement an Infrastructure Fund

  • Jiang Zhuoer, CEO of BTC.TOP has announced a plan to redirect 12.5% of mining profits to node implementation developers.
  • As per the blog post, blocks that do not donate the agreed amount will be orphaned.

Kim Dotcom Hints at New Crypto Venture

  • Kim Dotcom lectured Tone Vays on the importance of user experience for mass adoption.
  • Despite the failure of his recent IEO the internet entrepreneur seems determined to be a big driver of cryptocurrency adoption. Announces A New Fiat Gateway and a Leadership Change

  • Stefan Rust will replace Roger Ver as CEO of, while Ver will serve as an executive chairman.
  •'s new exchange will use Bitcoin Cash as a base currency and will serve as a fiat gateway.

Bitcoin Cash Fundraising Goal Doubled after Successful Campaign Start

  • The funding goal is now 1600 BCH.
  • Bitcoin Verde and Flowee the Hub have been added to the beneficiaries list.

Bitcoin Cash Close to Reaching Development Fundraising Goal

  • 761.85 BCH have already been raised for Bitcoin Cash development.
  • For the time being it looks like Bitcoin Cash development doesn't need large corporate investment, DAO-s or other forms of funding.