Steve Wozniak Invested in a Blockchain-Based Energy Saving Firm in Malta

  • Efforce will allow investors to support energy efficient projects around the world.
  • It will also use blockchain to help the public decrease their environmental impact, without having to change their habits.

Amazon Purchases via ETH Will be Possible Thanks to Joint Work by Two Startups

  • CLIC Technology and Opporty are working on a browser add-on that will allow consumers to make everyday purchases on Amazon using Ethereum.
  • It will make use the Plasma Cash second layer solution which offers high throughput.

Buy Mobile Data Anywhere Using Jet8’s New Crypto Wallet

  • Retailers such as 7-Eleven (Philippines), Shop & Go (Vietnam), Alfamart (Indonesia), and others already work with the wallet.
  • More than 50 well-established businesses are making transactions using J8T, which amounted to a combined reach of more than 400 million social accounts last year.

UK Startup Raises $3.9 Million With Equity Tokens in London Stock Exchange Test Issuance

  • he company, known as 20|30, was able to successfully use its capital raising platform TokenFactory to execute the test issuance.
  • 20|30 became one of the 29 firms to be approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to start testing within its fourth cohort of a regulatory sandbox in July 2018.

Startup Pledgecamp Aims to Reduce the Number of Failed Blockchain Projects

  • The startup has decided to tackle this issue by tapping into the power of blockchain, which can essentially remove centralization and bring the power back to the investor.
  • The startup's White Paper further explains that, “instead of requiring teams of lawyers, creating smart contracts is essentially free, judgment is automated, and enforcement is guaranteed.”

Eligma, a Smart Commerce Startup, Now Covers 240 Locations in Slovenia

  • The latest version of Elipay, an app created by smart commerce blockchain startup Eligma, is live and fully built around user experience.
  • Elipay is available for both Android and iOS devices and currently supports payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and the native-to-the-ecosystem ELI token.

Nitrogen, a Decentralized Loans Network, Gives Full Control to Lenders & Borrowers

  • Using the Nitrogen platform, users can lend their own assets to other people with the intention to earn interest.
  • Nitrogen uses MetaMask so everything happens right in the user's browser.

New Startup, World Open Network, Aims to Create a Welcoming Blockchain Ecosystem

  • Additionally, the project will also strongly focus on security and scam-proof actions on their platform as crypto is riddled with malicious activity.
  • The main mission of the project is to break the "vicious cycle" that the blockchain industry currently finds itself in, and encourage "diversity, innovation and sustainable growth".