The new technological kids on the blockchain scene.

Steve Wozniak Invested in a Blockchain-Based Energy Saving Firm in Malta
  • Efforce will allow investors to support energy efficient projects around the world.
  • It will also use blockchain to help the public decrease their environmental impact, without having to change their habits.
A user behind a laptop with Amazon's homepage open on it
  • CLIC Technology and Opporty are working on a browser add-on that will allow consumers to make everyday purchases on Amazon using Ethereum.
  • It will make use the Plasma Cash second layer solution which offers high throughput.
Buy Mobile Data Anywhere Using a New Crypto Wallet, Accepted by 30,000 Outlets
  • Retailers such as 7-Eleven (Philippines), Shop & Go (Vietnam), Alfamart (Indonesia), and others already work with the wallet.
  • More than 50 well-established businesses are making transactions using J8T, which amounted to a combined reach of more than 400 million social accounts last year.
UK Startup Raises $3.9 Million With Equity Tokens in London Stock Exchange Test Issuance
  • he company, known as 20|30, was able to successfully use its capital raising platform TokenFactory to execute the test issuance.
  • 20|30 became one of the 29 firms to be approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to start testing within its fourth cohort of a regulatory sandbox in July 2018.
Startup Pledgecamp Aims to Reduce the Number of Failed Blockchain Projects
  • The startup has decided to tackle this issue by tapping into the power of blockchain, which can essentially remove centralization and bring the power back to the investor.
  • The startup's White Paper further explains that, “instead of requiring teams of lawyers, creating smart contracts is essentially free, judgment is automated, and enforcement is guaranteed.”
Eligma, a Smart Commerce Startup, Now Covers 240 Locations in Slovenia
  • The latest version of Elipay, an app created by smart commerce blockchain startup Eligma, is live and fully built around user experience.
  • Elipay is available for both Android and iOS devices and currently supports payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and the native-to-the-ecosystem ELI token.
Nitrogen, a Decentralized Loans Network, Gives Full Control to Lenders & Borrowers
  • Using the Nitrogen platform, users can lend their own assets to other people with the intention to earn interest.
  • Nitrogen uses MetaMask so everything happens right in the user's browser.
New Startup, World Open Network, Aims to Create a Welcoming Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Additionally, the project will also strongly focus on security and scam-proof actions on their platform as crypto is riddled with malicious activity.
  • The main mission of the project is to break the "vicious cycle" that the blockchain industry currently finds itself in, and encourage "diversity, innovation and sustainable growth".