Initial Public Offerings

Coinbase Grants Employees 100 Shares Ahead of Public Listing

  • According to the reference price set by Nasdaq, the value of share options given to employees could reach $25,000.
  • COIN trading is set to begin on 14 April.

Coinbase Sets Direct Nasdaq Listing For 14 April

  • The SEC declared Coinbase's Nasdaq registration statement effective.
  • The final date of the listing will still be subject to change, the company said.

Private Shares Auction Places Coinbase Valuation at $90B

  • According to "people familiar with the matter", Coinbase saw its shares traded between $350 and $375 on the Nasdaq Private Market auction.
  • While not indicative of future prices, private auctions frequently provide a reference point for what the price of a firm will be once publicly listed.

Coinbase Plans to Become Publicly-Traded

  • The exchange revealed its plans to pursue a direct listing of its Class A common stock.
  • The direct listing format would not offer new shares, but instead sell existing shares directly to the public.

Swedish Crypto Brokerage Safello Raises $1.3 Million for a 2021 IPO

  • Safello claims to have an increased order growth of 831%.
  • More details on the forthcoming IPO will be published in early 2021.

INX Exchange Can Now Accept Cryptocurrency To Finish Its $117 Million IPO

  • The firm has now cleared the first bar to its $117 million security token IPO by raising $7.5 million in dollars only.
  • Starting on 14 September, retail and institutional investors will have the choice of buying INX tokens using BTC, ETH, and USDC.

Ripple May Seek IPO Within 12 Months

  • During the WEF in Davos, Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple's CEO, predicted that IPOs will become more common in the blockchain sector this year.
  • He further stated that, while his firm may not be the first, it will not be the last to go after an IPO.

World Chess Issues “Hybrid” Tokens, Convertible to IPO Shares

  • Qualified investors from the U.S and E.U. have been able to buy the World Chess digital token since Friday.
  • Following the IPO, investors can either convert their tokens into shares, or privately trade them with other investors.

Bitmain Files for U.S. IPO Backed by Deutsche Bank

  • In order to increase its chances of a U.S. listing, the company hired a former Nasdaq representative.
  • Although it is not known how much the firm is looking to raise through the offering, previous reports place that number around $400 million.

MERJ is the First National Stock Exchange to Launch a Tokenized IPO

  • The sale of the tokenized shares will begin today, 10 September, at 09:00 U.K. time.
  • The exchange is trying to raise $4 million through this sell, and will be issuing 1,652,893 new shares, with a price of $2.42 per share.