Is Pro Gamers Earning Cryptocurrency the Gaming Industry’s New Golden Goose?

  • The gaming-cryptocurrency connection is being solidified, but there is a lot of room for improvement.
  • Not all cryptocurrencies are accepted in games that allow in-game purchases with crypto.

Top Central Bank Official: Chinese Commercial Banks Should Adopt Blockchain

  • Li Wei echoed the Chinese presidential speech, calling for adoption of blockchain technology in digital finance.
  • During his speech, he focused on how blockchain could be a solution to China's current banking problems.

China Calls For Accelerated Blockchain Adoption

  • Speaking at a Politburo Committee session, the Chinese President said that blockchain technology is key to promoting technological innovation.
  • He also stated that a platform needs to be created to help with blockchain adoption in areas such as education, employment, and food safety.

Opera Browser First to Add Direct Bitcoin Payments

  • Users can now track their remaining BTC and TRX directly from the Android version of the Opera Browser.
  • They are also able to interact with dapps on the TRON blockchain, as well as make purchases with BTC.

Major Car Manufacturers to Test Automatic Blockchain Payments

  • BMW, General Motors, Ford, Renault, and Honda will begin tests of the new blockchain-based system next month.
  • Developed under the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, the system will let owners make automated payments on highway tolls and parking fees.

Foxconn Founder welcomes Libra to Taiwan, Wants Link to China’s Digital Currency

  • Terry Gou led to one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world.
  • Taiwan’s crypto-related industry and usage is blooming and the local financial watchdog has already strengthened their regulations on crypto assets.

Bermuda Now Accepts USDC for Tax Payments

  • The more than 60,000 residents of the island nation can now use the second most popular stablecoin to pay for their taxes, fees and other government services.
  • The government is also working on a blockchain-based digital identity program, which will greatly help individuals doing business in the country.

Daimler Conducts First Transaction on Marco Polo Trade Network

  • The transaction between Daimler and Dürr included an order and delivery agreement, with the payment being secured by a conditional payment commitment from Daimler's bank.
  • The successful transaction showed the two firms that a process, that usually takes days, could be completed in minutes using blockchain technology.

FDA Could Use Blockchain for Medical Reviews and Recalls

  • The agency is planning to use AI, APIs, and blockchain tech in order to improve interoperability.
  • The improved surveillance of medical products will also assist in "determining when something should be recalled or a product label should be adjusted".

Moscow Looking to Develop a Blockchain-Based System for the City’s Services

  • Developers will have 60 days from signing the agreement to develop an Ethereum-based system for the city's services.
  • The platform should be able to integrate with Moscow's other blockchain experiments.