IDEO CoLab's Blockchain Accelerator Program Receives Support From Amazon, Deloitte, Fidelity

IDEO CoLab’s Blockchain Accelerator Supported by Amazon, Deloitte, Fidelity

  • IDEO CoLab's blockchain accelerator program Startup Studio receives support from 20 blue chip and crypto firms.
  • The aim of the program is to unbundle the traditional startup accelerator model into a collection of programs and workshops.
Germany’s Xetra Digital Stock Exchange Lists First Blockchain Firm

Germany’s Xetra Digital Stock Exchange Lists First Blockchain Firm

  • Xetra has accounted for over 90% of share trading across German exchanges, and around 30 percent of trading in ETFs in Europe.
  • Advanced Blockchain AG has also signed a Letter of Intent with a German telecom provider to develop a blockchain-based protocol for billing in IoT networks.
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Bloomberg and Reuters will Add Crypto Data to their Terminals

  • Bloomberg and Reuters will soon include cryptocurrency data by in their terminals.
  • This follows the addition of coinmarketcap data last week.
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CCN Unlikely to Shut Down as Google Appears to Correct The Website’s Visibility

  • A Google update resulted in a massive drop in traffic to news site CCN, daily revenue was down more than 90%.
  • The website announced its shutdown due to the events.
  • With the help of Google's forum, it seems that the issue has been mitigated and CCN is returning after all.
AT&T Now Accepts Bill Payments in Crypto via BitPay

AT&T Now Accepts Bill Payments in Crypto via BitPay

  • AT&T, a United States media and telecom giant, has become the first mobile carrier to accept cryptocurrency for phone bills payments, the company announced in a press release on 23 May.
  • This is not the first time the telecommunications giant has delved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
A silver coin with XRP-s logo on it, in front of a chart showing a bullish pattern

Nasdaq to Add Brave New Coin’s XRP Liquidity Index on May 1

Nasdaq, the world's largest stock exchange operator, is adding another cryptocurrency index to its global data service,...
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LA Times is Now a Brave Browser Verified Publisher

Brendan Eich's Brave Browser project has welcomed yet another highly reputable publisher in its ranks. The Los...
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Trade Organization ICC Eyes Blockchain Adoption for Its 45 Million Members

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the worlds largest business organisation, is partnering up with the blockchain...
A mobile version of AirBnb on a mobile phone inside a clean apartment

Airbnb Reservations Now Possible With Crypto Gift Cards

Digital gift card provider Bitrefill now offers the option to make reservations on Airbnb with cryptocurrency, the...
A phone browser viewing wikipedia

Wikipedia Co-Founder Urges Followers to Replace Chrome Browser with Brave

Provoked by a recent encounter with cyber crime, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger wrote a post on his...