Bulgarian Hackers Detained for Allegedly Stealing $3 Million in Cryptocurrency

Three hackers have been arrested in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, for allegedly stealing $3 million in cryptocurrency. On the 22’nd of November the Bulgarian Gendarmere force seized the equipment allegedly used for this theft.

On the 26’th of November, the Bulgarian newspaper 24 Chasa, reported that three hackers have been detained by the Gendarmere force and specialized prosecutor unit for stealing cryptocurrency worth 5 million Bulgarian Lev (approximately $3 million dollars) after a 5 months investigation.

During a raid of the thieves hideout, the special police unit was able to seize flash drives, computers and a hardware portfolio for storage of crypto data, as well as a car worth 60,000 BGN, bought with funds obtained from the illegal activity. They also found codes which helped the hackers access certain crypto platforms.


According to the prosecutors, the suspects acted with exceptional professionalism while implementing new hacking methods and performed advanced computer skills, while also using specialized software in the hacking scheme.

According to the criminal court, one of the suspects has been released under bail while the other two will remain in police custody.