According to a BitPay press release published on 14 April, the company has joined the Alliance to share open-source projects and gain access to the organization’s shared patent library. Stephen Pair, the CEO of BitPay, said the company decided to partner with and support COPA because of the rapid adoption cryptocurrencies have seen. The adoption, he explained, is “forever” changing the way businesses and consumers receive and spend funds.

“We see both business and consumer adoption accelerating as a result of COPA industry leaders working together to advance technology innovation making the blockchain easy to use for both businesses and consumers,” he said in the release.

Founded in September 2020 by Square, COPA is the industry’s answer for an increased demand for protection against litigation and other threats against core crypto technology. Companies that have joined COPA so far include Coinbase, Blockstream, OKEx, Kraken, Microstrategy, Chaincode Labs, and others.

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