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100x Group, the owner and operator of BitMEX, announced it has joined the Global Digital Finance (GDS), an association advocating the adoption of digital assets.

According to the company’s announcement published on 21 January, the membership will enable 100x to advocate for a better regulated financial system. Malcolm Wright, the company’s chief compliance officer and the chair of GDF’s Advisory Council, will be tasked with sharing the company’s perspective on various regulatory and compliance matters.

The company will participate in events such as the Virtual Asset Service Providers Summit (V20), which takes place in Osaka, Japan, every year.


Alexander Höptner, the CEO of 100x, said the GDF has a vital role to play in society. The organization is set to act as a catalyst for dialogue between industry players, policymakers, and end-users, he explained.

“Greater public-private collaboration is the only way to realize the wide-scale adoption of digital assets,” he said in the company’s announcement.

The executive co-chairman of GDS, Lawrence Wintermeyer, said the organization’s partnership with 100x will lay the groundwork for the wider adoption of digital finance.