Bitmain's Antminer T17 Is Now Available For Purchase

Bitmain’s newest miner is now available for purchase on the company’s official website. Priced at $1,270, the machine can mine SHA256-based cryptocurrencies at 40TH/second.

Its biggest improvement over the previous generation has to do with efficiency. Based on the BM1397 chip, which uses a 7nm semiconductor manufacturing process, it has an advertised power efficiency of 55 J/TH, which does fall short of BM1397 expectations, but still provides a substantial enough profit enhancement to render some older generations of miners obsolete.

In addition, it adopts a new dual tube heat dissipation structure, which the company claims will reduce the space between the air inlet and the air outlet by 50%. Improving heat dissipation is important in the long run, as it can offer a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.


To top all of this off, the Chinese giant also advertises that its new design offers an upgrade to dust resistance, compared to older generations of SHA256 miners.

As per usual, the price of the device is higher in Europe – from around 1400 EUR (VAT excluded) up to 1700 with VAT. Direct purchases via Bitmain’s website are also possible, but the $1,270 price does not include customs fees and jurisdiction-specific taxes.

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