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On November 18, Switzerland-based crypto operator Bitcoin Suisse announced plans to expand its range of services and support external assets managers in their wealth management operations.

According to the announcement, Bitcoin Suisse will utilize Evolute’s online marketplace for financial products to integrate crypto assets and distribute targeted content focused on crypto products, services, and other relevant topics.

For a company that supports the idea of decentralization and transparency, it is essential that Bitcoin Suisse’s users have the ability to govern their assets and utilize their most preferred opportunities for investment.


Along with this new collaboration, Bitcoin Suisse also confirmed that they will offer Ethereum staking services from day one after the Beacon Chain genesis. In their statement, the company claimed that they will support their clients with integration on the new blockchain and will be ready to provide full functionality on the protocol once it goes live.

Bitcoin Suisse also said that due to the speculation that more users will wait for the launch date (December 1) to near before depositing their assets, it could be expected that the genesis event will happen on the pre-set date or very soon after, “most likely before Christmas”.

In the beginning, the company will charge a 15% reward fee, but will continuously adapt to the competitive prices, once the market stabilizes after the launch.

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