Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

Harmony Starts Migration from Binance Chain, Ethereum to the Native ONE Token

  • No deadline for the token swaps has been announced, but the lack of staking support for interim tokens would probably incentivise holders to get it done quickly.
  • Multiple exchanges have already announced support for the token swap.

Chainalysis: More Successful Hacks in 2019, Compared to 2018, Less Money Stolen Overall

  • While exchanges are doing a better job with security best practices, hackers are also moving to more sophisticated attacks.
  • CoinJoin and obfuscation services are still not popular with hackers, most of the stolen money goes directly into other exchanges.

Rumours About XRP Support on BitPay Confirmed

  • Gift card merchant eGifter and humanitarian organisation CareUSA will be the first merchants to accept XRP through BitPay.
  • Support for the cryptocurrency has been achieved through collaboration with Xpring.

Bitcoin Cash Miners Planning to Implement an Infrastructure Fund

  • Jiang Zhuoer, CEO of BTC.TOP has announced a plan to redirect 12.5% of mining profits to node implementation developers.
  • As per the blog post, blocks that do not donate the agreed amount will be orphaned.

Binance Announces Its First IEO of 2020

  • This time the exchange will sell native tokens for a recent acquisition - an Indian fiat gateway.
  • The familiar ticket system will be used, and BNB balances are already being recorded.

A Week After The Pump, Bitcoin SV Maintains High Valuation

  • The pump occurred after the arrival of the "bonded courier", an entity that was expected to deliver private keys holding a million bitcoins.
  • Looking away from Craig Wright, BSV has a growing ecosystem, and some of the apps built on top of it have attracted popular social media influencers.

Kim Dotcom Hints at New Crypto Venture

  • Kim Dotcom lectured Tone Vays on the importance of user experience for mass adoption.
  • Despite the failure of his recent IEO the internet entrepreneur seems determined to be a big driver of cryptocurrency adoption.

US Lawmakers Considering a Tax Exemption for Small Cryptocurrency Trades

  • The newly-introduced bill would exempt all realised cryptocurrency gains under $200 from taxation.
  • The current state of the USA tax law stifles microtransaction-based innovation and discourages small-time traders from participating in the markets.

Maxine Waters Will Lead a U.S. Delegation in Switzerland to Discuss Facebook’s Libra

  • The delegation will meet with Switzerland's Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, Adrian Lobsiger to discuss Facebook's project.
  • It is led by Maxine Waters, one of the Libra's most outspoken critics.

Global Recession Indicators Send the Crypto Market in Freefall

  • Bitcoin has proclaimed its intended role as a store of value during recessions since its genesis block.
  • Still, the news about an incoming recession saw the coin react like it is part of the "high-risk gambling vehicle" asset class, in stark contrast to established stores of value.