Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

Bitmain Continues Scaling Down, While Denying News About Closing Texas Office

  • Throughout the 2017 bull market, mining giant Bitmain was valued higher than Coinbase, Binance and combined.
  • Bitmain's ambitious IPO plans were delayed, and the company is scaling down and laying off employees on multiple locations, most notably their Israeli development centre and their Amsterdam office.

CoinEx Token Sees a 40% Price Hike Following News of Haipo Yang’s Release from Prison

  • ViaBTC and CoinEx founder Haipo Yang has been released from a Chinese prison.
  • As reported and confirmed by CoinSpice, Yang is now a free man, following an arrest, the reason for which has curiously enough remained a secret for almost three months.

Grin Cryptocurrency Mainnet Is Live

  • Grin, an privacy-focused cryptocurrency with an anonymous development team had its first ever block mined on 17:38 UTC on Tuesday.
  • In the works since 2016, after the high praise for Tom Elvis Jedusor's MimbleWimble proposal, Grin is a highly-scaleable, privacy focused cryptocurrency leveraging cutting edge cypherpunk technology.

Crypto Fake News: Russia Buying Bitcoin was an Obvious Hoax

  • Whatever your political beliefs are, it’s unlikely that that you’d disagree that mainstream media news is already polluted with fake news stories about Russia, as well as fake news stories originating from Russia.
  • This used to be one annoyance factor that the cryptocurrency world did not have to worry about.

Ethereum Leads the Way as Markets Begin Timid Recovery

  • All major cryptocurrencies saw their prices jump today, with Ethereum being a top gainer, going from $118 to $129.
  • Tronix, Cardano and Monero also manage to jump more than 5%, although in Monero's case this still does little to make up for the coin being a top 3 worst performer this past week, behind Bitcoin Cash and IOTA.

Cryptopia Announces Security Breach, Goes Offline

  • At the time of writing, the website is still in maintenance mode, as the larger community is looking for hints to determine the magnitude of the problem.
  • The most suspicious finds are a $2,500,000 Ethereum transaction and a large CENNZ transaction - at the time of writing the tokens transacted are worth more than 1 million US dollars.

First Mimblewimble Coin Launches Its Mainnet

  • Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Beam is now live.
  • Mimblewimble is a protocol proposed anonymously by a person with the moniker of "Tom Elvis Jedusor" (the real name of Lord Voldemort in the French translation of the Harry Potter series).

Prysmatic Labs Team Lead Raul Jordan Announces Major Ethereum 2.0 Milestone

  • Ethereum Foundation funded software development team Prysmatic Labs has been tirelessly working on the new, scaleable Ethereum 2.0 - and they have the code to show for it.
  • Team Lead Raul Jordan enthusiastically shared a screenshot on Twitter, revealing 100% test coverage of ETH 2.0 block operation unit and integration tests.

Roger Ver offers OpenNode $1.25 Million to Build on Bitcoin Cash, Gets Denied

  • Following the news that venture capitalist Tim Draper has invested $1.25 in the promising startup, the early Bitcoin adopter and Bitcoin Cash advocate came up with a matching proposal himself.
  • The unfortunate outcome did not deter Roger Ver from pursuing his goal of global merchant adoption for Bitcoin Cash.

Samsung Files Cryptocurrency Related Trademark

  • Shortly after dismissing the Galaxy S10 cold storage wallet reports as "rumours and speculation", the South Korean giant has apparently filed a cryptocurrency wallet trademark application in the United Kingdom.
  • The trademark follows three other crypto-related filings in the European Union for "Blockchain key box", "Blockchain core" and "Blockchain KeyStore".