Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

Cryptopia Sheds Light on the Amount of Funds Stolen by Hackers

  • More than six weeks have passed since the Christchurch-based exchange was hacked, with plenty of speculation about the severity of the situation.
  • Elementus estimated that the stolen cryptocurrencies were worth around $16,000,000, less than 20% of which was in Ethereum.

Fetch.AI ICO Sells Out in Minutes on Binance Launchpad

  • A minor version of the ICO craze in 2017 is happening on Binance's Launchpad service.
  • As for Fetch, while technology and fundamentals are unlikely to be the main driving factors for the success of the ICO, they are by no means something to ignore.

Roger Ver Becomes an Advisor of Ethereum-Based Liven ICO

  • Early Bitcoin investor and controversial Bitcoin Cash evangelist Roger Ver is not shying away from supporting any type of cryptocurrency he considers fit for purpose.
  • Liven describe themselves as "an existing mobile payment and loyalty platform for the food and beverage industry that seeks to solve fundamental problems.

Vitalik Buterin Discloses Cryptocurrency Portfolio

  • In a recent AMA on reddit, Vitalik Buterin disclosed his own coin holdings.
  • Neither his tokens of ICO-funded startups nor the actual coins in his portfolio are worth more than 10% of his Ethereum stack.

A Partnership Between Fabric Token and Bounty0x Makes Running an ICO Simpler

  • Fabric Token-powered web application TokenGen has received its 4.3 update, which includes Bounty0x integration, following a partnership between the two ICO-funded projects.
  • This partnership will allow TokenGen users to automate the majority of tedious ICO-related work at low cost, and instead focus on the perfect business plan, their actual products, and their marketing.

Bitcoin Trading Volume Hits a Nine Month High Amidst Bullish News for Cryptocurrency

  • Bitcoin has surged from $3640 to almost $4000 within a few days, while the cryptocurrency's volume reached its highest value since May 2018.
  • In fact, the $4000 price was reached on Luxembourg-based exchange Bitstamp, albeit for less than an hour.

Samsung Did Not Give Cryptocurrency the Spotlight At Galaxy Unpacked 2019

  • While many cryptocurrency enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 events in San Francisco and London because of rumours of integrated cryptocurrency wallets in the new flagship devices, the presentations ended with no mention of crypto whatsoever.
  • For die-hard crypto enthusiasts however, this might have been a missed opportunity for crypto to receive worldwide recognition in front of a packed hall and almost a million viewers online.

Binance Adds New Zilliqa Trade Pairs, Price Continues Dropping

  • In a public announcement, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange surprisingly added Zilliqa to the list of cryptos that can be directly traded with Tether (USDT).
  • Zilliqa's price has been dropping ever since the crypto's mainnet was launched successfully, partly due to lack of hype surrounding it and selloffs by swing traders who were hoping to sell at a profit during that event.

Bitmain Announces Its New And Improved 7nm Mining Chip

  • Your current SHA256 mining machines might become obsolete really soon.
  • Seemingly out of nowhere, a new press release by Bitmain proudly announces a next generation mining chip based on a 7nm semiconductor manufacturing process - the BM1397.

WikiLeaks Doubles Down on Craig Wright Accusations, Calls Him The Bernie Madoff of Bitcoin

  • The official Twitter account of WikiLeaks has become an unlikely participant in crypto drama last two days.
  • The organisation first embraced crypto way back in 2010, when their access to the banking system was shut down.