Krasimir Buchvarov

Krasimir has been following the development of blockchain technology for several years and is optimistic about its potential. He covers breaking news in the sphere, focusing on innovation, regulation, and the cryptocurrency market.

Gemini’s Mobile App Now Supports Hardware Security Key For Android, iOS

  • With the introduction of the new feature, Gemini wishes to make sure that its users are protected against hacks and SIM swaps.
  • Users of the exchange will now be able to use their mobile devices to sign in.

Binance’s Crypto Debit Card To Debut In Europe

  • Powered by Swipe, the new Binance Card will have the ability to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat at the point of sale.
  • Once rolled out, the card will support a total of four cryptocurrencies, and will be accepted at over 60 million merchants.

Polkadot’s First Community Vote Could Expand DOT Supply 1,000 Times

  • Polkadot's first vote will allow the community to choose whether the DOT token gets redenominated or not.
  • The community already agreed to the redenomination two months ago, but on Polkadot’s “wild cousin” network Kusama.

Singapore’s Project Ubin Ready For Commercial Launch

  • Ubin is a multi-currency blockchain payments project designed for commercial use.
  • This Monday, the Monetary Authority of Singapore completed the fifth and final development phase of the project.

Bitfinex Appeal Over $850M In Lost Funds Rejected

  • Bitfinex's appeal claimed that the firm was not under the jurisdiction of New York.
  • The court pointed out in its rejection that the New York AG was looking for documents dating back to 2015, and that Bitfinex was serving New York customers until 2017.

Santander Adds New Regions To Payments App In Collaboration With Ripple

  • Built by Santander and Ripple, the One Pay FX international payments app is now available in 19 additional regions.
  • The bank also enhanced its Ripple-powered payments system to allow instant transactions.

Centre Freezes $100,000 In USDC Due To Law Enforcement Request

  • This move marks the first time the Centre Consortium used its power to blacklist an address.
  • Blacklisted addresses are no longer able to receive USDC, while the funds already inside are blocked, and cannot be transferred on-chain.

China’s Equivalent Of Uber To Trial Digital Yuan

  • Ride-hailing giant DiDi has entered into a partnership with China's central bank to trial its upcoming Central Bank Digital Currency.
  • Valued at over $56 billion, the company claims to have more than 500 million users across China.

Binance Adds Support For 15 New National Currencies

  • The new fiat gateway comes thanks a partnership with crypto asset and fiat money institutional custodian Etana Custody.
  • Until 5 August, Etana will wave off all custody and deposit fees for sums of $1,000 or higher.

Crypto Debit Card Provider Swipe Acquired By Binance

  • The acquisition will help the two companies work together on bridging the gap between fiat and digital assets.
  • Though the acquisition was made for an undisclosed amount, the two firms have already listed each other's native tokens on their respective platforms.