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Volvo Cars Joins the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network

  • Volvo will apply RSBN in their LG Chem supply chain from spring 2020.
  • As part of its pilot phase, the RSBN blockchain traced cobalt coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo, all the way to the United States.

China, Hong Kong Partner on Mutual Blockchain Efforts

  • The new a trade finance platform should connect two already existing platforms and provide more convenience.
  • The recent Chinese endorsement of blockchain technology is already underway as regional government has gathered almost $6 billion.

DX.Exchange Suspends Operations, Looks for New Buyer

  • Security costs, support and technology are causing the startup to put the business on hold.
  • Customers who would like to withdraw should submit a request before November 15th.

FATF Publishes Digital Identity Guidance

  • FATF’s draft guidance is 77 pages and focuses on many digital ID-related issues.
  • The international organization has been very active throughout the year, as the popularity of stablecoins continues to increase.

Bank of Korea Director: No Need for CBDCs in Developed Countries

  • The payment system in Korea is very developed, safe and sending money is not that expensive.
  • Still, the Bank of Korea will continue to monitor the development of CBDCs amid their concern that such currencies may destabilize commercial banks.

Biometric Cybersecurity Startup Keyless Attracts Notable Investors

  • Keyless managed to raise $2.2 million from a seed funding round.
  • Ripple Xpring's Senior VP describes that they saw potential in the cybersecurity company's product and decided to bet on it.

Is Pro Gamers Earning Cryptocurrency the Gaming Industry’s New Golden Goose?

  • The gaming-cryptocurrency connection is being solidified, but there is a lot of room for improvement.
  • Not all cryptocurrencies are accepted in games that allow in-game purchases with crypto.

China Launches New Regulatory System For Fintech Products

  • A "Certification of Fintech Product" will be given to all products that pass the prototype and on-site inspection.
  • The certificate cannot be used for promotional purposes and has to be renewed every three years.

China Discloses More Than 500 Enterprise Blockchain Projects

  • With President Xi Jinping’s blessing, the Chinese government is involved in many blockchain projects part of the list.
  • Some of the biggest Chinese technology and retail enterprises are competing to offer the most advanced blockchain cloud services.

Accounting Enterprises Introduce Innovative Tool for Assessing Blockchain Risk

  • The innovative part of the tool is its ability to propose action towards resolving any identified risks.
  • The fact that many big accounting companies are on board shows their serious intentions towards using blockchain technology.