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Hedera Hashgraph to Launch Public Mainnet on September 16th

  • Hedera’s ledger technology will help enhance distributed file storage and micropayments.
  • The distribution of HBAR tokens will continue over the next 15 years.

Study: 56% of the World’s Best 50 Universities Have Crypto Classes

  • More and more students are interested in blockchain and crypto courses.
  • Blockchain club members want to shape the field and become leaders while the industry is still in its early stage.

Binance Reveals All New Stablecoin Initiative

  • The exchange will provide technical support, compliance risk control system and multi-dimensional cooperation network to build Venus.
  • Binance Co-Founder commented on the project, cementing the importance of stablecoins.

SK Group is Working on a Blockchain-Based Donation Platform

  • A local report shares some technical information on the upcoming platform and tokens.
  • SK Group is not new to the blockchain world as they’ve been very involved in developing blockchain solutions for a while now.

Peter McCormack’s Legal Defense Turns Spicy in Ongoing Craig Wright Lawsuit

  • McCormack’s lawyers noted that their client's accusations were only in the interest of the public.
  • Wright is still rejecting to offer cryptographic proof that he is indeed who he claims to be.

New Jersey’s Blockchain Initiative Signed by the Governor and Turned Into a Law

  • The legislation aims to strengthen the state’s innovation economy, as stated by officials.
  • The Task Force will consist of 14 members and will have 180 days to present a study to the governor.

Ethereum Foundation’s Director Will Now Help Businesses Use Public Blockchain

  • Aya Miyaguchi made a statement where she noted that EEA wants to impact the industry.
  • Joseph Lubin commented on the attention by businesses to the Ethereum network.

New IBM Blockchain Project Backed up by Big Names in the Business

  • Trust Your Supplier accompanies IBM’s rewarding track-and-trace supply and logistics blockchain consortia, encompassing TradeLens and Food Trust.
  • IBM Blockchain general manager commented the strengths, plans and ideas hovering around the new activity.

Gaming Startup Intends to Connect Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to Ethereum

  • Blockade Games managed to send a Bitcoin lightning transaction that triggered an Ethereum smart contract.
  • A move to the Ethereum mainnet is expected soon.

In advance of Bitmain’s U.S. IPO, Financial Results Get Revealed

  • Reliable sources give very specific information on Bitmain’s financial situation.
  • A huge order for 7nm wafers from TSMC should result in a huge revenue boost.