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Global Blockchain Value & Research Center Launches In Shanghai

  • The center commenced its work after an initiative on May 22.
  • The Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center revealed the first 16 experts to be employed. Reveals Impressive Stats, Future Plans

  • One third of all bitcoin transactions ever, happened in wallets.
  • The new wallet experience will allow users to buy BTC directly with their credit or debit card.

Blockchain-Based Finance Platform Enhances Collaboration With IBM

  • The COVID-19 global pandemic accelerated digitization processes in the finance trade industry.
  • is one of the largest blockchain-based trade platforms in production, backed by some of the top banks.

Uniswap V2 Mainnet Launch Brings New Features, Improved Security

  • Some of the features include the addition of an oracle service and flash loans.
  • The key limitation of the initial version - running all token trades through ETH - is now in the past.

Republican Party of Arizona Employs Mobile Voting Using Blockchain-Based Election App

  • More than 1,100 people voted through Voatz during the party convention on May 9.
  • With over 60 elections completed since 2016, Voatz is promoting safe alternatives to voting in person.

University of North Texas Adopts Blockchain Credentials Platform

  • GreenLight Credentials allows students to instantly share their university transcript with potential employers all around the world.
  • GreenLight's digital platform also helps UNT at Dallas to enroll students from the area.

17,000 Users Have Filed Claims For Reimbursement From QuadrigaCX

  • The Canada Revenue Agency has to file a tax claim against Quadriga before any funds can be distributed to former users of the exchange.
  • Affected users filed claims for funds in most of the major cryptocurrencies. Enlarges Insurance Coverage For Offline Bitcoin Vaults To $360M

  • Insurance policy expands as sees rapid growth and surpasses the 2 million user milestone.
  • As there was a big problem of under-insured crypto custodians, recently many exchanges had announced big-number policies.

SIMBA Chain’s User-Friendly Platform Assists Portland State University Students

  • Simba Chain's SCaaS platform does not require any extensive programming skills.
  • As one of the first blockchain-related university programs, the Business Blockchain Certificate program allows its students to create and deploy Web 3.0 dapps.

Brave Announces Charity Initiatives To Aid Non-Profits Battling COVID-19

  • Charities and non-profit organizations will use Brave's Sponsored Images space free of charge.
  • They will also receive free ads per month valued at $10,000 and once verified will be able to receive BAT tips from users.