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Wells Fargo’s Stablecoin is Better than SWIFT

  • Using the new method will allow Wells Fargo to transfer funds 20 hours a day.
  • After a successful proof-of-concept, the blockchain venture will enter its pilot phase next year.

Germany Approves Strategy for Exploring Valuable Blockchain Use Cases

  • The program came out after extensive talks which engaged 158 professionals and company representatives.
  • At the European and international level, the Federal Government will work to ensure that stablecoins are not allowed in the economy.

Harbor Unlocks Liquidity for $100 Million, Partnering with iCap Equity

  • The new mechanism will make trading with these securities far easier for all 1,100 investors and and the 17 broker-dealers and placement agents.
  • When such securities are bought they require a one-year lockup per law and this partnership addresses just that.

Santander Digitalized a $20 Million Bond Trade on Ethereum

  • Santander could not accomplish this task without the help of London-based company Nivaura.
  • Nivaura CEO is proud that they securely used relevant data to tokenize both the assets and cash to enable on-chain settlement.

Libra to be Licensed as a Payment System in Switzerland

  • FINMA is adamant that the services planned by the Libra project would clearly go beyond those of a pure payment system.
  • The requirements that Libra needs to pass would relate in particular to capital allocation, risk concentration and liquidity.

Stellar to Airdrop 2 Billion XLM

  • Stellar Development Foundation CEO explained that Keybase is an important part of their adoption strategy and advocate their vision.
  • All the big messaging apps and Keybase competitors are soon to enter the cryptocurrency game but with a different approach.

Ripple Appoints Legal Expert Who Previously Led the Token Taxonomy Act

  • Ripple aims to enhance their position and approach towards U.S. legislators.
  • Michelle Bond, Ripple's Global Head of Government Relations, welcomed Hammond via her LinkedIn profile.

Whole Network Introduces Low-Priced Blockchain Phone

  • Acute Angle can be bought via Huobi’s native token at approximately half the price of its competitor.
  • Whole Network’s phone will use Android and will come with useful built-in blockchain functionality.

Binance Launches Two New Crypto Testing Platforms

  • Big prizes of up to $10,000 in BNB await users that get involved in the testing of the new platforms.
  • Binance also launched crypto loans and the interest rates are now public.

Alan Howard to Launch a $1 Billion Crypto Hedge Fund

  • Elwood's target will be to find companies that satisfy its due diligence to dodge blow ups.
  • Bin Ren, CEO at Elwood, commented on and advocated their venture.