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Algorand, Blockstack Announce Support For Smart Contract Language Clarity

  • The industry needs safer and more secure smart contract languages and Clarity should deliver just that.
  • The project will be led by the founders of Algorand and Blockstack.

OKEx Jumpstart To Launch WaykiChain Governance Coin Token Sale

  • The launch on June 17, 2020 will include two subscription sessions.
  • Users will be able to buy the token at $0.003 USDT a piece.

Algorand Foundation, Borderless Capital Launch Asia Accelerator

  • The Algorand Asia Accelerator is focusing on Finance 3.0 and aims to boost blockchain development.
  • The partners are searching for the best teams and startups that will develop the next generation of financial services.

Huobi University Looking For Experts

  • The program consists of five modules that took place in key locations such as Beijing and Silicon Valley.
  • Designed by experts in the field, the course provides education on innovative topics such as blockchain applications and distributed business models.

Fireblocks Launches First Ever Institutional “Digital Asset Transfer Network”

  • Thanks to the Fireblocks Network users can safely transfer their digital assets on-chain.
  • Traditional financial institutions usually need better security and speed, and Fireblocks Network provides such features.

KuCoin Announces Partnership With Chainalysis

  • KuCoin will detect early warnings of irregular activities to protect the digital assets of its users.
  • Chainalysis continues to work with leading exchanges in the Asia Pacific region.

Unibright & Provide Team Up To Create ‘Baselined’ Blockchain Toolset

  • The Baseline protocol will ensure the integrity of complex workflows, which are most of the time confidential.
  • Thanks to the project, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics systems will be able to operate in sync.

Stellar Development Foundation Invests $550,000 In SatoshiPay

  • It is expected that B2B transfers, something that SatoshiPay is focused on, will grow substantially over the next three years.
  • SatoshiPay also provides digital wallets for financial inclusion.

LG Becomes Member Of The Hedera Governing Council

  • Some of the other council members include Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, Google, and IBM.
  • All members will run a node on the Hedera Hashgraph public network and help steer the project in the right direction.

Theta Labs Welcomes Google Cloud As Enterprise Validator, Releases Mainnet 2.0

  • Google Cloud will also become the preferred cloud provider of Theta Labs.
  • Users will be able to access Mainnet 2.0 via Google Cloud Marketplace.