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Shanghai Gas Partners With VeChain On a Blockchain-Based EaaS Platform

  • The first stage of the project includes uploading all valuable information to the VeChainThor blockchain.
  • During the next stages we would expect the inclusion of other countries from "The Belt and Road" initiative.

Waves.Exchange Starts Charity Campaign to Help Organizations Battle COVID-19

  • The campaign has already raised more than $100,000 from donations worldwide.
  • Participants can get involved in the campaign by predicting the pandemic spread for a certain period, using prediction coins.

GrainChain to Grow on a Global Scale, Shifts to Symbiont Assembly

  • It is expected that Symbiont's Assembly will provide the much needed scalability and privacy features demanded by the modern market.
  • Recently GrainChain closed a $8.2m funding round led by Medici Ventures.

Republic To Create New-Class Digital Asset On The Algorand Blockchain

  • More than 170 startups have raised funds with the help of the Republic platform.
  • Algorand's COO is pleased with Republic's work, which allows anyone to invest in startups from a wide spectrum of industries.

KuCoin Reveals The Establishment of KuGroup Business Unit

  • The new structure corresponds to KuCoin's substantial growth and will include three inner groups.
  • Both Gan and Lyu, the new managers of the units, have a rich background in various industries and bring ambitious ideas.

Taiwanese Startup ITM Secures Pre-Series A Funding From MediaTek

  • This is MediaTek's first investment in a blockchain startup, but the semiconductor firm will not be involved in the development process.
  • ITM's new SDK will be adapted across apps and will cope with larger data input.

Responding To The Coronavirus, ODEM Offers Its Blockchain Education Platform Free of Charge

  • ODEM's platform will be available until people can safely return to campuses.
  • It provides everything needed for online classes - from enrollment and knowledge management to certificate issuance.

The Biggest Worker Proposal Fund in Blockchain History Announced by WAX

  • More than 75 million WAX tokens are waiting for developers who put time and effort into growing the WAX blockchain.
  • Every project will be carefully reviewed in two stages, with 35% for being the win condition.

Huobi Chain Officially Available For Beta Testing

  • Huobi Chain is a high-performance DeFi chain for regulator-friendly financial entities.
  • The new chain supports high-volume transactions, user-deployed smart contracts and a big variety of cross-chain asset management services.

Bitmain Introduces The New Antminer S19, S19 Pro Models, Shares Specs

  • The new supercomputing Antminer S19 and S19 Pro models come in two variations.
  • The new Antminers include an improved circuit architecture and new firmware.