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Zcash Fancies Entering Ethereum’s DeFi Ecosystem

  • During last week’s Devcon in Osaka, interest towards projects that want to enter Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem grew.
  • Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin noted that privacy options are still valued by the Ethereum community.

IRS Publishes New Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance, Expected Since 2014

  • The guidance makes it clear that tokens acquired from a fork of a blockchain should be perceived as income.
  • The communiqué also determines how you should calculate what you owe when you receive cryptocurrency for goods or services.

U.S. Legislators Openly Ask Payment Enterprises to Quit Libra

  • Senator Brian Schatz and Senator Sherrod Brown sent letters to Mastercard's, Visa's and Stripe's CEOs.
  • The letter contains concerns about threats to the economy, past allegations and even a hint of warning.

2020 is Expected to be a Decisive Year for Proof-of-Stake

  • The PoS of Cardano will bring many improvements in comparison to current blockchain systems, such as better scalability, sustainability and advanced security.
  • Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, is excited about the next development phase called “Shelley”, stating we will have 100x more people using Cardano than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Will Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Change the Future of Cryptocurrency?

  • The National Research Council of Canada is partnering with the University of Waterloo in research efforts towards a quantum-safe blockchain technology.
  • Scientists’ opinions differ on the limits of quantum computers and their ability to solve complex equations.

The Biggest Crypto Players Create a Rating Council

  • Their newly created scalable and points-based rating system will determine whether a token is a security or not.
  • For the moment only five cryptocurrencies have been classified but more will be added in the upcoming months.

Iranian Bitcoin Miners Constantly in Fear of Huge Fines and Even Jail Time

  • Some of the prosecuted bitcoin miners were punished with fines that are much bigger than their annual salary.
  • The electricity problem comes from the fact that the state-controlled prices differ depending on the use-cases and a crypto mining case does not exist yet.

Fold App Delivers Lightning to Users Purchasing from Popular Retailers

  • When users spend fiat on things like household goods or food, they will receive BTC rewards.
  • Fold is already integrated with lightning-friendly wallets in contrast to other retail-focused apps.

Kik Messaging to Shut Down, Focus on Dispute with SEC

  • After 18 months of disputes, the SEC left the foundation with only one choice – to label the token a security, which would kill its usability.
  • While the Kik messaging app is shutting down, the core of its developer team will continue to work towards developing the KIN token.

Bakkt Launched its Bitcoin Futures at Long Last

  • CEO of LevelTradingField, Lanre Sarume commented rather positively on the launch and expressed optimism.
  • Experts do not expect a sudden big rush to the global crypto market as this increasing demand would take time.