A simplified blockchain concept art

The ICO craze of 2017 resulted in a sharp increase of blockchain-related job offers – which combined with the steep learning curve of becoming a developer in the niche meant that many businesses failed to fulfil their blockchain-related ambitions. The latest tool by ARK Ecosystem tries to lower the bar, allowing more people to make meaningful contributions to the ecosystem.

The so-called ARK Deployer was launched on May 28th by the creators of ARK (ranked #76 in terms of market capitalisation). The event was met with praise by the ARK community, where the belief that the Deployer comes right in tact with ARK’s aim to create an ecosystem of interoperable blockchains is prevalent.

ARK Deployer makes harnessing blockchain technology and creating custom variants of ARK’s delegated proof-of-stake blockchain is much easier. It revolutionises the known complex and tedious procedure thus making it much easier (and cheaper) to be part of the blockchain industry. Setting the key parameters like block times, number of delegates, fee structures or rewards is notably simplified for end users.

The Big Picture

Matthew Cox, ARK’s Chief Strategy Officer commented:

Developers are crying out for tools to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to utilise blockchain technology. With the ARK Deployer, users will quickly be able to create their own scalable, efficient and decentralised blockchain network based on ARK’s code but customised to their specific requirements. This means users can focus on building their own ideas, projects or applications, safe in the knowledge that they will have a solid and secure blockchain foundation as part of the ARK Ecosystem.

The ARK project has released similar tools in the past, but all their previous attempts were operated via the command-line and were thus more suitable for advanced users. Deployer prides itself on allowing users to start a customised ARK DPoS blockchain in three simple steps. It has an intuitive user interface and lets users, developers and businesses create and tailor their own blockchain. The Ark Deployer comes with detailed guides that navigate customers during the whole process from the prerequisites to the actual launch.

Ki Foundation representatives have indicated that they intend to use the Deployer’s capabilities to build in the Ark Ecosystem. Their CEO Reda Berrehili stated that:

Creating our own ecosystem utilising ARK’s technology as a starting point means that our organisation is able to progress quickly and efficiently. We’re able to focus on developing our business-specific applications while ARK’s open source technology is providing us with a free, efficient and scalable blockchain foundation.