A user behind a laptop with Amazon's homepage open on it

Crypto payments company CLIC Technology and blockchain infrastructure provider Opporty are joining forces in developing a browser extension that will allow Amazon users to pay with ETH. This information was announced on Friday in a press release that states that the new browser add-on will “revolutionise the e-commerce industry, allowing consumers to make everyday purchases on Amazon using the open source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform Ethereum”.

This new project is set to be based on Plasma Cash, a layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. By utilising its high throughput capabilities, as opposed to Ether’s main chain which is limited to 20 transactions per second, it is advertised as a huge leap towards a functional crypto economy and a capable competitor to Visa and Mastercard.

CLIC Technology CEO Roman Bond commented the project:


“We’re excited to be working on this project with Opporty, and to move forward on a number of other ambitious projects with them as well.”

adding that…

“Bringing cryptocurrency to the e-commerce marketplace is the merging of two next-generation industries,”

In the future the two firms aim to build analogous payment services for other cryptocurrencies as well, considering the ERC-20 and ERC-721 ethereum standards.

In addition, the press release states that CLIC Technology is working towards a crypto payment platform named CLICPay and is currently in the process of onboarding clients.