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According to a blog post published on 3 August, Alpha Finance Lab will become one of Eden Network’s main launch partners as the network goes live on Ethereum. Alpha Finance will share Eden Network’s priority slot with Band Protocol in order to leverage its priority queue.

The Eden Network is a newly launched priority transaction network for Ethereum. Eden aims to serve its users by protecting them from front-running and creating better incentives for block producers after EIP-1559 has been implemented. The network will also provide a more equitable distribution of miner extractable value (MEV), the profit that can be made through intentionally re-ordering transactions within a block. 

One use case for the Eden Network Alpha Finance will be exploring is a liquidation bot for the Alpha Homora product line. Aside from helping increase the overall security of the protocol, the liquidation bot will also help multiply the value accrual in the Alpha ecosystem by redistributing assets back to ALPHA stakers


“The liquidation bot is only one of the many innovative use cases that are being explored on the Eden Network and we are aiming to have more value accruing products in the pipeline,” the company said in the blog post. 

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